Video Premiere: Alan & The Big Hand – I Sat Beside Myself Today

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Ahead of their highly-anticipated new record Yellow Car No Return, folk-collective Alan & The Big Hand have revealed their latest single I Sat Beside Myself Today, and we’re delighted to bring you the accompanying video!

Take a watch below…

“I Sat Beside Myself Today is a groove-driven meditation on the creative process,” says McClure of the new single. “Any artist, whether writer, musician or visual artist, knows the feeling of putting a part of themselves into their work, with all the fear and hope that entails. The song plays with this concept by personifying the creation as another aspect of the creator”

The new record, due July 28th, features an eclectic collection of stunning new songs, highlighting frontman Alan McClure’s influences; ranging from the psych-folk stylings of the Incredible String Band, to the lyrical dynamism of Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan, to the shameless indie-pop of James, Blur and Oasis

McClure writes poems and songs in the timeless, tree-filled, tranquil rural idyll of Galloway, South West Scotland and then takes them to the frantic post-industrial sprawl that is Hull, where the city’s best musicians shake them up, take them apart and re-cast them as folk-jazz-flamenco space-pop (or something else equally eclectic)

Yellow Car No Return is a record that crosses borders and genres, born of unlikely friendships, booze-fuelled hilarity and serious devotion to the craft. As with their previous collaboration under the moniker of Alan McClure & The Mountain Sound Session in 2014, Everything is Fine (Until it’s Not), the band arranged and recorded the songs in less than a week and the spontaneity and energy of their work can be clearly heard in Pat Pretorius’s light-touch production

Alan & The Big Hand will be playing live dates in support of the new album and single – for more info, head to


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