Thank Folk For New Bands

Welcome to the October edition of Thank Folk For New Bands! It’s been a great month for new releases by classic folk musicians and amazing shows and events, and here are our collection of artists that will be the next to take over the world of contemporary folk

Lazy Heart Parade

There’s a new strain of folk band appearing around London at the moment, and six-piece Lazy Heart Parade are a great example of the joyful, nostalgic, harmonic folk-pop that is spreading around the London scene. Their collection of instruments, which boasts ukuleles, mandolins, violins and trumpets, all come together in what is not just another twee collection but a powerful catalogue of nostalgic reflections of love and urban struggles. Each instrument plays its own vital part, as wailing violins draw you in and melodic ukuleles and trumpet riffs pull you softly along, but it is the charming harmonies of Colin Smith and Louise Gow, who sound like the love children of Nick Hemming and Emmy the Great, that give them their edge. Their debut EP Every Mistake You’ve Ever Made, in just four songs, shows a wonderful depth of character and musical ability, and it is a great relief to hear a band full of such joyful folk rhythm who can also reveal such nostalgic and melancholic lyrics.

Based – London

Find Them At –

Latest Release – EP – Every Mistake You’ve Ever Made

Listen To – I’m Scared Of The Sea

Peter Campbell

Being 19 is hard, but youngster Peter Campbell is a great example of how you can turn youthful innocence into powerful acoustic music. Having already supported artists like Charlie Simpson and invited comparisons between celebrated musicians such as Ed Sheeran and Damien Rice, he is certainly fascinating people with his fresh, romantic take on modern folk-pop. There is more to him than just lyrics about love and heartbreak however, as Peter Campbell laces his tales with some accomplished guitar arrangements which give his EP Love Lost a great resonance and add an uplifting, and really quite personally engaging, quality to his heart-warming tales of young love. Love Lost will gently romance you and by the end you’re sure to be left feeling that maybe young love isn’t so bad after all.

Based – London

Find Him At –

Latest Release – EP – Love Lost

Listen To – Autumn Bound

Birds And The Beacon

If you ever feel stressed or upset, then I strongly recommend this as the cure. Birds And The Beacon specialise in that kind of soft and soothing harmonic folk that is enough to make you forget all of your worries. The debut EP Circle came about from a collaboration between guitarist and songwriter Matthew Squibb and Sammy Tame earlier this year and the four tracks are a great showcase of what could be to come. The striking thing about Circle is that every time I put on a song from it I am immobilised; the rich imagery and Sufjan Stevens-esque underlying darkness allow Birds And The Beacon to lure you in with relaxing melodies and then capture you with charming harmonies and eloquent tales about childhood games and tin boats. Birds And The Beacon, despite only having four songs out there, is sure to remain your go to band whenever you feel like a quiet relaxing moment.

Based – Wokingham

Find Them At –

Latest Release – EP – Circle

Listen To – Little Boats

Awna Teixeira

Previously of Canadian pop group Po’Girl, Awna Teixeira has now gone solo and brought out her debut album Where The Darkness Goes, and she hasn’t lost any nerve in going it alone. Although she is musically very unique and interesting, it is her vocals that catch your attention with that great old country ring they have, which rises and falls to complement her Americanised accent perfectly. The instruments themselves come in the form of an inventive mix of poignant piano pieces, jangling banjos and lively accordion arrangements, to name just a few. These two aspects combine to create a true modern classic in female folk music; with Where The Darkness Goes Awna Teixeira is like a Dolly Parton for a contemporary audience, and has certainly made an album that is a worthy challenger to the great women of country and roots.

Based – Canada

Find Her At –

Latest Release – Album – Where The Darkness Goes

Listen To – Stand Tall

Grass House 

This is a band that describes themselves simply as ‘good time enthusiasts’, and the enthusiasm about them sure spreads with each listen. With deep, Americana style vocals and drifting, Wild Beasts-esque instrumentals, Grass House make the kind of music that burrows down inside you and shakes your core. Their new single The Boredom Rose is a great battering ram of hypnotic guitars and booming harmonies, which, whilst sounding like a plugged in, turned up Johnny Cash, manages to be incredibly catchy. The band have recently come to the attention of BBC Radio 1’s introducing show and have been making waves with their live shows, and doing all this with only one single out so far. Thankfully it shouldn’t be too long until we hear more as they are currently recording their debut album and creating more stunning, Americana good times to get enthusiastic about.

Based – Yorkshire

Find Them At –

Latest Release – Single – The Boredom Rose

Listen To – The Boredom Rose

Tom Odell

There are some people who just seem to know their strengths, and know how to bring them out, and Tom Odell is this kind of person. I first came across Tom on Youtube, performing Sense, a track from his debut EP, and he blew me away with the conviction and natural talent he showed with just him and his piano. I’m always intrigued by performers who just use piano (Rae Morris syndrome), but the versatility he shows, with the piano and his vocals, make each song burst with individuality and character. The EP is bursting with songs that make you question just how many people are involved, with his carefully layered vocals and energy that could fill any venue you put him in. And I have a feeling he will be filling consistently larger venues as he goes on.

Based – London

Find Him At –

Latest Release – EP – Songs From Another Love

Listen To – Another Love


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