Thank Folk For New Bands

As Summer quickly slips by with clouds and rain galore, we fancy cheering you up!
Below is our July edition of Thank Folk For New Bands- a collection of artists that we fully recommend and can’t want to introduce you to…turn it up loud, and give these guys a listen…


Three Cane Whale

 It’s a great credit to a band when, on your first listen, you come to your senses fifteen minutes later when the playlist has finished and find that you’ve unintentionally listened to it all the way through. The trio, made up of Alex Vann (mandolinist for Spiro), Pete Judge (trumpeter for BBC Jazz Award-winners Get The Blessing) and Paul Bradley (guitarist for and creator of the Organelles), have as many side-projects as instruments, and don’t skimp on showing off their talent and experience in their short, minimalistic – and highly accomplished – instrumental pieces. The large number of musical endeavours that they share between them ensures that Three Cane Whale are never without inspiration, and their mix of eccentric and gifted musicians means that they make the kind of peaceful, delicate instrumental folk music that you could just lie in the grass and listen to for hours. Having already been championed by the likes of Cerys Matthews on her BBC 6Radio show and TimeOut magazine, their compositions are sure to grow in popularity.

 Based – Bristol

 Find Them At –

 Latest Release – Album: Three Cane Whale – expect album number two soon though!

 Listen to – Dancing Ledge


Klak Tik

 Klak Tik, as well as being fun to say (as is the frontman’s, Søren Bonke, name), are a London three-piece (occasionally an eight-piece if you are lucky enough to see them live) and come fully recommended as my new favourite band. Mixing the full orchestral presence of Dancing Years and the haunting vocals of Sufjan Stevens in his melancholy moments, they create that calming folk music that’s enough to make you forget all your troubles. I can only think of describing their sound as the kind to which you can both hoedown and slowdance, which is a very good thing in my books. Their debut album, Must We Find a Winner, in 2010, was given a 9/10 by the NME and received high praise all round, putting the pressure on for their follow-up, which is due sometime later this year.

 Based – London

 Find Them At –

 Latest Release – Album: Must We Find A Winner – but work is well underway on the follow-up!

 Listen to – The Second Train Is Sometimes Bigger


 The Magic Lantern

 On my first listen of The Magic Lantern, it was as if they were playing from under a bridge, late at night, echoing all around me. The mixture of the cheerful bouncing rhythm and Jamie Doe’s deep dulcet tones give these guys a sound like the best parts of artists such as Melodica Melody and Me and Johnny Flynn. The London five-piece are masters of the uncomplicated, pure acoustic folk sound and they have certainly got their share of high praise for their first album, and the few tasters that they have put up of their second have got my hopes and my impatience levels up. To me, The Magic Lantern are everything that is good about young contemporary English folk, they are overflowing with melodic harmonies, lyrically captivating and full of all the wide-eyed hope of London whilst making you feel as far from the bustle of the big city as possible.

 Based – London

 Find Them At –

Latest Release – Album: A World In A Grain Of Sand

 Listen to – Somebody Told Me (Available from their website in return for a Tweet)

 Two Trees

 Two Trees are a Swedish duo, made up of Charlotta Frostenson Brolund and Fride Hanberger. However, apart from that snippet of info, there is very little other information of this pair! What we do know, however, is that they have been receiving a great deal of praise for their two, wonderful Soundcloud tracks, which were uploaded just three months ago. Your Woods and Lay Me Down present the beautiful harmonies and softly-plucked acoustics from this male/female twosome and really captivate the listener. We can’t wait to hear more from what seems to be Stockholm’s answer to The Civil Wars.

 Based – Stockholm

 Find Them At –

 Latest Release – Nothing as of yet!

 Listen to – Your Wood / Lay Me Down



 Manchester’s Josephine is one of those artists that makes you remember why you fell in love with music all those years ago. Taking inspiration from a huge range of musical genres and cultures, she creates a sound that really cannot be pigeon-holed. There are blends of soul and gospel, pinches of bossa nova, dashes of jazz and big handfuls of folk, to really make something wonderful. It comes as no surprise that she already has support in high places, from Guy Garvey, to Lauren Laverne, to Ed Harcourt. The latter even features on Josephine’s upcoming debut album Portrait, which is released this October. We recommend you keep a keen eye out for this one, as she is set for big things in the next couple of months! Moreover, Josephine plays our TFFT Live Night in Manchester, on October 22nd.

Based – Manchester

Find Her At –

Latest Release – Album: Portrait (due October 8th)

Listen to – What A Day


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