Thank Folk For New Bands

Welcome to our June edition of ‘Thank Folk For New Bands!’
Below are our favourite finds of the past month…

Marika Hackman

Marika Hackman is a 20 year-old singer-songwriter hailing from Hampshire, now based in Brighton.
She is a perfect way to begin this month’s TFFNB’s which is set to feature a number of young female folk artists. When it comes to this category, it can be difficult at times to separate the good from the average, but with the acts we’ve chosen this month, we believe they’re numerous steps ahead of the rest!

Marika has a very mature and simple voice, which needs nothing else to smarten up her recordings. Having featured recently as part of the Burberry Eyewear Campaign, her stunning track Here I Lie has helped her step towards the spotlight, and, behind those very expensive new glasses which she has acquired in the Burberry Video, is an extremely talented lyricist with a beautifully fragile voice.

Based: Brighton

Most Recent Release: EP – Here I Lie


Melodica, Melody And Me

This six-piece from Brixton seem to have the ability to blend all kinds of music to make a wonderful cocktail. Predominantly folky, but with great handfuls of latin-style music, reggae-esque beats and luscious harmonies, this a band that can make you smile all throughout their recordings and performances, without realising it until someone informs you.

Having taken time out this year to record their new album, Melodica, Melody And Me are back and have brought with them a stunning collection of songs. Their new single Imperfect Time has just been released with a great response, and they will be releasing the record later this year.

We really do recommend taking some time out to listen to this refreshingly unique band

Based: Brixton

Most Recent Release: Single – Imperfect Time

Next Shows:  1st July – Winterwell Festival
22nd July – Secret Garden Party Festival


And The Giraffe

And The Giraffe is an American duo from Gainesville, Florida and Nashville, Tennessee.
Producing dream-folk with an ambient and relaxing feel, it is a shame that Nick and Josh live in different states for much of the year, as they happen to make some really fantastic recordings when together.

Nonethless, their most recent release, a wonderful version of Magic Man’s Darling (Reprise) was put together across the web and happens to be one of their finest tracks to date. They have a great understanding of how to record and produce and it would be great to see this duo re-assemble soon to create some more excellent recordings and hopefully get it on the road.

Based: Gainesville, FL

Most Recent Release: Single – Darling (Reprise)



This 20 year-old, acoustic-weilding, future-star is Martha Paton.
Hailing from Marling-country, aka Hampshire, Paton has a similar talent when it comes to dark, husky and heartfelt songs. Moreover, in time, we imagine her songwriting will grow with maturity and depth (much like Marling), and she is definitely one to listen out for on the radiowaves.

We understand there’s a new EP on the way, and with her great potential and current tracks such as the elegant Wonderers, Wandering and the catchy and bouncy When We Get Old, it’s extremely likely that this will be a corker as well!

Based: Hampshire

Most Recent Release: EP – Untitled As Of Yet


Eliza And The Bear

With a catchy blend of folk, indie and rock, Eliza And The Bear are another great band that we recommend giving a hearty listen to.
This five-piece from Essex have a sound that mixes the best of Dry The River, Of Monsters And Men and Dancing Years.

Moreover, their new track, Brother’s Boat is one of those tracks that makes you sit up and realise something special has just come on. With heart-warming lyrics and harmonies, accompanied by some anthemic and powerful brass, culminating in a storming crescendo, this is a blinder of a recording and stands the upcoming EP in good-stead.

With their feet on the ground and keeping to their current sound, this group of talents are extremely likely be highly-placed on the festival stages this time next year, having had a tremendous year on the live circuit. Keep an eye out, as Eliza And The Bear could very well be the next big British band.

Based: London/Essex

Most Recent Release: Single – Brother’s Boat

Next Shows:  12th July – The Square, Harlow
2nd August – BT London Live


Ellie Rumbold

For a 16 year-old that claims she only ‘dabbles’ with songwriting and performing, Ellie Rumbold is one hell of a talent…and a modest one at that. Furthermore, it’s odd (and somewhat annoying, as she’s so gifted) that it’s taken us this long to find out she’s a singer too, having read her articles for the fantastic For Folk’s Sake daily for the past couple of months.

It probably comes as no surprise that I’m going to name-drop a certain famous Joni and a certain famous Laura here (again), but Ellie happens to be the one most Marling and Mitchell-esque of the three mentioned, with tracks such as To The Sea and The Silent Poet almost wandering side-by-side with songs from I Speak Because I Can and A Creature I Don’t Know. However it must also be stressed that Ellie clearly has a talent of her own, edging to a slightly more traditional sound at times, and over the next couple of months and years it would come as no surprise if she headlined her own Cathedral tours, playing her own beautifully crafted and fragile folk.

Based: London

Next Shows:  8th July – The Book Club, Shoreditch
1st September – The Gallery Cafe, Bethnal Green



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