Thank Folk For New Bands

Welcome to May’s edition of our New Bands feature! Below are our picks of the past month, and who we recommend giving a listen to throughout June and beyond…

Sam Beeton

We can’t think of a better way to kick off this month’s selection of great new bands than with the endearing Sam Beeton.  It’s easy to see why this man has found himself touring with the likes of James Morrison, The Script and Charlie Simpson, with his sweet, honeyed voice, expressive and uplifting tunes and infectious rhythms, he’s one to watch for sure.

Add to this his innovative monthly Record Club, where each month Sam sends out a signed, personalised CD to subscribers with the very latest songs he has written and recorded, and you have got yourself a very exciting and refreshing new artist.  To get more of an idea about this great concept check, out the Season Two video of the Record Club below and you can become a part of it by signing up here. And when you subscribe you will receive the latest edition plus all the songs released in that season too!

Sam recently performed his current single Storyteller on BBC 2’s Review Show, and is getting thousands of views for his latest Burberry Acoustic performance

Based: Nottingham

Most Recent Release: Single – Storyteller

Next Shows:  2nd June, Queens Hall, Narberth, UK
                        13th June, Breakout Club Night, London, UK


Laura Welsh

Every now and again an artist comes along which you just can’t believe isn’t huge yet.

This lady is one of those, with a voice to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and with power ballads which we can guarantee will have you addicted, she leaves you stunned and breathless and someone we are very excited about indeed.

It really is a voice you remember and which resonates and commands long after you hear the last note. And with each song obviously torn with emotion and passion, it is overall a very profound experience listening to her songs. With a recently-released video for her track Call To Arms which we just can’t get enough off, it is fair to say that we are slightly in love with Laura Welsh!

We would love to give you a bit more about this talented lady, however she is somewhat mysterious and rather frugal with information – So this will just have to do…enjoy!

Based: London

Most Recent Release: Single – Call To Arms


The Folk

Teenage girls and folk music are typically, probably one of the least likely combinations out there and probably one of the hardest to pull off.  However this teenage girl band defies this scepticism with style! A fusion of folk and acoustic pop, the ladies have been described “the love child of Florence and the Machine” which seems an apt description and they are a band we think show great promise.

All still at school, the girls have an abundance of talent and potential. Their mature, yet fun and charming songs, infectious harmonies and diverse instruments (from guitars to violins, 6 different ukuleles, an accordion and more), mean the girls have a range of different sounds with no two songs sounding the same.  It is clear that we are not the only ones impressed; BBC 6’s Tom Robinson has been singing their praises along with SHOUT teen magazine who did a ten page fashion spread on the Hertfordshire girls and We Love Pop magazine.

This is their single, When It Rains

Based: Hertfordshire

Most Recent Release: Single – When it Rains

Next Shows: 2nd June, Strawberry Fair, Cambridge, UK
                       24th – 26th August, Rhythms Festival, Bedfordshire, UK 


I Am Oak

This Dutch folk band carry on this theme of reflective and pensive thought we seem to have picked up throughout May’s New Bands.  Perhaps it is representative of this transitional time of the year which causes rise for this wistful musing, and I Am Oak’s sombre and melodic beats are no exception. The band, formed around song writer Thijs Kuijken, draw particular inspiration from nature, evident in the simple and enchanting songs, driven along by plodding rhythms and dreamy harmonies.

Their new album Nowhere Or Tammensaari  is out on the 2nd of July, and looks to be a success already; having received air time from the likes of Lauren Laverne and Gideon Coe with their single Palpable (out on the 25th of June), it’s clear to see why.  The track is hazy and thick, just like those magical summer evenings we have had for the past week, and overall the album draws you in, almost sedating you.

The band have a number of dates throughout Europe, unfortunately non in the UK however.  But if you happen to be doing the whole inter-railing thing this Summer, make sure to catch the guys at various venues throughout the Netherlands.

Based: Netherlands

Most Recent Release: Single – Palapable (25th June)

Next Shows: 1st June, Amstelkerk, Amsterdam, NL
                        6th June, Oosterpoort, Groningen, NL


The Wax Collection

This mellow threesome from Leeds certainly induce that relaxed feel good vibe for all those who cross their musical path.  Their dreamy vocals and sun drenched tunes cause rise to this statement and with distinctive guitar rhythms the back bone of each track and the odd tambourine and electro injection, you can’t help but like this band.  We can’t anyway, with predictions of The Dig being one of our summer 2012 anthems!

Hailing from Manchester and Sunderland, the lads have an unlikely sound for their roots, more suited to the West Coast of America or perhaps Australia, where soft tops and surfing are the common activity.  However it is the sign of talent when inspiration and origination could come from almost any corner of the world, so we insist you give them a listen…

Based: Leeds

Next Shows: June 13th – Seven Arts Space, Leeds


Gary Stewart

Last but most certainly not least is a man who knows how to rock that whole less is more thing. His recent EP A Year And A Day is a prime example of this, with each of his songs exuding a subtly and simplicity whilst demonstrating an intricacy and talent, meaning his music is very welcoming.

Having supported the likes of Laura Marling and Noah And The Whale and played festivals such as Glastonbury, Kendal Calling and Larmer Tree it seems safe to say Mr Stewart is on the steady road to success.  And if this wasn’t enough, he is also the bassist in one of TFFT’s favourite bands Ellen and the Escapades.  He has Celtic charm and contemporary class and you can pick up A Year And A Day from the 18th of June.

Based: Leeds

Most Recent Release: EP – A Year and A Day

Next Shows:  10th June – Rough Beats Festival, Clapham ,North Yorkshire
                    30th June -Keys Restaurant, Huddersfield


Ellie Witt


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