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Firstly, we must apologise for the somewhat dry spell in our new bands coverage, and as you can imagine, since January we have been overwhelmed with great new music.  So to keep things relatively simple, we thought we would share with you the exciting new talent that is out there and our favourites from the last month…

Mark Nichols

There is something exciting about this gentleman and I can’t quite put my finger on what it is; but I think it is something resembling charisma.  Mark Nichols, with his intricate and skilled guitar playing, heartfelt lyrics and nostalgic tunes demonstrates all the traits of hard work and dedication.  His unadulterated and raw talent holds high promise and his wistful voice brings back those happy memories and carefree summers we so long for.  The simple beauty which seems to exude from his songs makes you want to almost physically capture it and is reflective of his abundance of potential.  He is one of those musicians who you really want to see live and ones which we predict big things for.  With influences from travelling and the ocean along with his laid back exterior one may say he resembles artists such as Ben Howard, but we will have to wait and see!

Based: UK

Most Recent Release: Single – The Storm

Next Shows: May 4th – Bunters, Truro
          May 5th – English National Surfing Championships, Newquay



Gerard And The Watchmen

The first time I heard this album, I listened to it on repeat, four times.  Considering I had a substantial amount to listen to, that is a compliment in itself.  Gerard and Watchmen are a five piece and with banjo similarities to Sufjan Stevens and upbeat, rhythmic Mumford vibes, along with other folky and contemporary loveliness, they wrap you in a flowery blanket of warmth and contemplation.  Although there sound feels quite familiar, it is a comforting and welcoming sound, that here at TFFT, we don’t tire of!

Based: London, UK

Most Recent Release: AlbumI Climbed a Tree

Next Shows: May 5thClub Blub Half Moon, Bishops Stortford
           May 12th – Dulwich Festival



Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles

Arthur Rigby & The Baskervylles are a diverse band if I ever heard one! Lead vocals have that rough and gritty element, which people such as Marcus Foster and The Treetop Flyers seem to rock and songs seem to explode with up tempo melodies and captivating instrument pieces.  Their individuality and combination of slightly harsh vocals set against numerous instruments such as the violins, trumpets, saxophones, pianos and more make for a very exciting arrangement.  Hailing from Leeds, their sound is perhaps reflective of their hardy West Yorkshire roots, and the guys are among Tom Robinson’s (BBC 6 Music) favourites.

Based: Leeds, UK

Most Recent Release: EP – Tales From a Pegasus Wood

Next Shows: June 30th – Winterwell Festival (Gloucestershire)
July 20th – Deer Shed Festival (North Yorkshire)


Liz Lawrence

With acoustic Laura Marling- esque tunes, cheery and catchy, this lady grabbed our attention a while back and we’ve been a fan ever since. She incorporates subtle yet memorable melodies with both fun and sincere lyrics to make for honest and enjoyable music. Songs drift effortlessly between faster, up tempo to the more pensive and laid-back. Having released her album Bedroom Hero over in Ireland she is releasing her EP over in the UK sometime this month and has been termed “Florence-minus-the-hollering” by Q Magazine – a definite one to watch.

Based: London, UK

Most Recent Release: Album/ Single – Bedroom Hero              

Next Shows: May 2nd – The Betjeman Arms, St Pancreas Station
          May 6th – Tonttu GmBH, Zurich



The Robbie Boyd Band

There are numerous words which could be used to describe this cheeky ensemble, but I’m going to go for charming!  Clearly we are not the only ones who think so, with the band receiving support from the likes of Radio 2, BBC Six Music and even Simon Cowell has said a few nice things too!  Robbie’s songs are contagious and bursting with harmonies and joyful instruments.  Listening to their music is like eating a bag of Malteasers (or tube of Pringles, whichever you prefer), once you start you just can’t stop, and no matter how blue you may feel, they will never fail to make you smile!

Based: London, UK

Most Recent Release: Single – I Won’t Let You Go
            Album – What Are You Waiting For?

Next Shows: May 6th – Bristol Folk Festival
          May 8th –  299 The Venue, London



Matthew P

The first thing I thought to myself when I listen to this gentleman was “my what an incredible voice!”
Thoughts similar to those you may have when listening to the likes of John J Presley or JD Mcphearson.  The vintagey, retro feel is coming back in music, within the male gender in particular and what a great thing too, for what’s not to like about a man in a trilby and 3 piece suit!?  Granted, it is not as easy as that and is a hard thing to pull off, but Matthew manages to keep it fresh and contemporary whilst adding that timeless vibe. There is a certain texture and class to his songs but also an element of fun, with catchy rhythms, twinkling pianos and upbeat backing “oos” which is uplifting and somewhat bewitching.

Based: Suffolk, UK

Most Recent Release: Album – Long Straight Lines

Next Shows: May – 1st Norwich, Epic TV Studios
May 2nd – London, The Silver Bullet



Young Believers

I feel like these guys are an acquired taste.  Their music is different and combines numerous different elements to produce something intriguing and unusual.  Their songs contain marching rhythms and drum beats, skilful guitar picking and nonchalant vocals, worth a listen for sure.  It is clear the guys love what they do, after bringing out a debut EP, touring the country and then hibernating in a country barn, their sounds emanate this enjoyment and experimentation!  The band of five are originally from York and have a few downloads which you can find via their site below.

Based: York, UK

Most Recent Release: Single Fear Walks With You

Next Shows: 27th May – The Duchess, York
           21st July – Fibbers, York


Ellie Witt


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