Thank Folk For New Bands

Having missed December’s ‘New Bands’ due to what can only be described as an alcohol overdrive, this month’s feature is extra long…happy days!

Below is our pick of exciting new bands that we’ve discovered, either through being contacted or from many hours scouting the tinterweb for the best new folky sounds on this here planet….so let’s begin shall we?

This is Stefan Melbourne, a young Mancunian artist who you may have already seen on TFFT before. Stefan blends a mixture of Americana, Country and classic Folk to create some stunning acoustic moments. He is set for big things in the very near future and we’re delighted that he’ll be joining us for the launch of our Thank Folk For That live night on March 26th. To hear and download some of his tracks, head over to

We’re probably cheating a bit here, as Jess Morgan has been around for several years already. However she hasn’t yet received the wide praise she justly deserves. Having released her first LP back in 2010 and supported the likes of Paper Aeroplanes and First Aid Kit, as well as touring on a global scale, Jess is now readying herself for a second album launch. Through the wonderful site that is Pledge Music, this upcoming folk sensation is distributing Aye Me for an exclusive time only…head to for more info

Joyce The Librarian make gorgeous, hushed songs with delicately plucked guitars and fragile harmonies. The Weight Of The Line is their brand new EP and will be released on February 20th. And look out for them on tour during this year as they are deservingly bagging an increasing number of high profile gigs here in the UK. Hear them at

Katharine Philippa is another solo singer-songwriter with a stunning voice. At times as powerful as Florence Welch, in others as delicate as Rae Morris. She may not be classed as folk exactly, but what she does bring to the table are beautiful story-telling lyrics, carefully mastered music and a talent that many can only wish for. Hear some of her superb tracks over at

Patch And The Giant are a seven-piece that combine strings, acoustics, keys, brass and more to create a host of classic folk tunes with plenty of sea-shanty-ness! Fantastically energetic and foot-stomping, it comes as a great surprise that they have only been together for less than a year. Their maturity and understanding of their instruments would suggest a much greater time spent together, but this can only illustrate the talent of this super seven. Pop on over to for more…

The Parlor Soldiers are an American duo hailing from Fredericksburg, Virginia. With obvious comparisons to The Civil Wars, but with perhaps more diversity, this twosome made up of Alex Culbreth and Karen Jonas blend a beautiful cocktail of Alt. Country, Americana, Hootenany and Folk. Their new album When The Dust Settles is available now over at and is certainly a good listen or three!

Heading in a more folky direction with their debut album Teenager Of The Century, The Lights are another act to keep a keen eye on. They’re one of those bands that are particularly difficult to pin down in terms of a genre, but perhaps this is a good thing and allows the listener to concentrate more on their superb talent. With energy and catchy-hooks galore, there is little else to do than to go and give them a listen…

And finally….this is Indigo Earth. Another group of high-energy young folksters, they are what our ‘New Bands’ feature is all about. Having already supported the likes of Ed Sheeran, Ben Howard, Marcus Foster and Dog Is Dead in the past few months, they now have a stunner of an EP, rich with beautiful harmonies and instrumentals. Indigo Earth will no doubt be gracing our site with their presence much more in the following months, and you can check them out over at



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