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Festival season is upon us, the days are getting hotter, exams are over and freedom is upon us! There’s no better time of the year to enjoy good music, and here at Thank Folk For New Bands we’ve brought you some of the best new bands around that you may be enjoying on the main stages of the future.


Dog On A Swing

Ed Ritchie, or Dog On A Swing, is an Edinburgh singer-songwriter who instantly grabbed my attention with his earthy, sincere style. His voice, which is rather like a British Daniel Johnston, has such a distinct, wavering nonchalance about it that his songs, whether it’s the energetic, yearning Romance of Love or the rustic ditty In The Morning, seem to have come incredibly naturally to him. Dog On A Swing seems like an artist that is quite effortlessly passionate about the substance of his songs. As well as all this, he will also play in return for food. It is this quite quaint, simple self-belief and motivation that not only makes Dog On A Swing’s songs so appealing, but makes him appealing as an artist in general.

Based – Edinburgh

Find him at –

Listen to – In The Morning


Kite And The Crane

It is easy to group together certain bands and styles in this age of folk, like girl groups and twee ukulele bands, and despite being both of these things, Kite and the Crane have a real sense of adventure around them. From the beginning of their debut EP Found In The End I felt like I was running through the forest, or on some sort of quest, and whether or not this is the aim, they have a fresh, honest energy that makes them impossible not to be enjoyed. As well as this, lyrically, they show such a candid understanding of the modern struggles, which, encased in beautiful harmonies and soothing instrumentation, makes for a debut that is sure to strike some sort of chord with any crowd.

Based – Edinburgh

Find them at –

Listen to – Gloaming


Stu Daly

On my first listen to Stu Daly, it became quite apparent that I had not heard nearly as many Irish folk artists as I thought I had. His thick inflection gives his music a certain feeling of passion and sincerity, but, also, just a feeling of good old-fashioned music to clink your glasses to. Like an Irish Billy Bragg, Daly’s strength lies in his ability to rouse you with his often sombre stories, bathed in an upbeat, soulful delivery. After enjoying success with punk band Chewing on Tinfoil, Daly has recently begun to focus on his folky solo work, and, with the recent release of his debut EP Heritage, it seems that his raw, punk-infused folk ballads are sure to bring him similar success.

Based – Dublin

Find him at –

Listen to – The Landing Light



To make good folk music bands often choose one of two paths: optimistic, ukulele-led twee or passionate, wall-of-noise style folk-rock. Though both are good, and both have their merits, it’s wonderful to see the two come together every now and then, and Lazibyrd is a band which manages to do just that. As well as their beautiful harmonies and captivating musicianship, lyrically they offer a refreshingly frank view of modern life which, wrapped in a joyful melody and their own sense of enjoyment, makes for music that is sure to resonate with any listener. And failing that, it’s music that is sure to pick up your mood and have you dancing around your room. Their debut album Under The Sky is full of energy, intelligence and fun, perfect for the summer playlist.

Based – Somerset

Find them at –

Listen to – Half Of One Whole


Beck Lanehart

I’m sure, to many people, buskers on the London Underground are simply a fleeting source of commuting entertainment, and it is easy to underestimate the talent down there. One of these talents is the wonderful Beck Lanehart, who, as well as being a licensed Underground busker, is also making the rounds of the London folk scene to great success and enjoying her fair share of attention. Her music falls somewhere between the mellow and the ravenous, with her soft, country-edged drawl providing the perfect counterweight for the teased-out power of her guitar work. Her recently released songs Last Man Down and The Eversholt Trees are two great examples of how she can be at once soothing and cutting in her lyrics, and it is safe to say Beck Lanehart certainly has a voice that I would miss a train for.

Based – London

Find her at –

Listen to – Last Man Down


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