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For some of us this is just about the most stressful time of the year, and maybe even our lives, so there is a lot of pressure on new bands at the moment to provide some nice therapeutic music that can just take our minds from essays and exams. Thankfully, as usual, there’s some great new music around at the moment to make these horrible few months bearable, and they will certainly stick with you until the sweet release of summer.

The Frisbys(1)

The Frisbys

With comparisons to the likes of Joni Mitchell, Fleetwood Mac and First Aid Kit, and with venues like The Natural History Museum already ticked off their list, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to what The Frisbys had to offer. And just as their CV promised, I was blown away. The title-track of their new EP Philosolove began with beautiful vocals, which evolved into some truly stirring harmonies between the twin Frisby sisters Nicola and Helen, which reached unexpected heights once Marc Robinson and Sam Keer brought them into full swing. There’s a fresh, honest feel to this band that make them instantly likeable, and, as well as their undeniable talent, their wonderful chemistry is sure to make their debut EP a success, and allow them to keep creating this moving, uplifting, and sometimes movingly haunting, music.

Based – London

Find them at –

Latest release – EP – Philosolove

Listen to – Tired


Hyper Happy Kid

Just as there name suggests, Hyper Happy Kid are full of energy and bursting with musical talent that shows itself brilliantly in their fresh, experimental style. They say they gain their inspiration travelling around and writing songs on the beach, and listening through their Bandcamp page is like being whipped through a journey with them. They have such a visual quality that at times that ranges from the vividly dazzling to the haunting and soothing as the complex instrumentation and beautifully fitting vocals come together for a real dreamscape of a back catalogue. Hyper Happy Kid is a band that isn’t afraid to control their chaos, and that certainly know how to create interesting music; so whether you’re looking to sit back and get lost for a while or dance around with some sugary drinks, this is the band for you.

Based – Manchester

Find them at –

Listen to – Spoilt Girl



When your list of influences contains neurologists, psychiatrists, Russian authors and your own doctoring work, the resulting music is sure to be interesting. And solo artist Sukh certainly delivers. Though the influences might suggest quite a cold outlook, this collection of songs is anything but. His debut single Kings is a celebration of hope and joy, and a brilliant showcase of what the man who wrote, produced and performed the entire thing can do. The rest of his collection is such a breath of fresh air, because you can become too used to the emotional outpourings of solo artists being exhibited in rather more gloomy ways, but Sukh manages to combine musical talent and real personal emotion and, like a more organic Frank Turner, make it a real throw-up-your-arms-in-happiness pleasure to listen to.

Based – Manchester

Find him at –

Listen to – Kings


The Big I Am

Over the past few years the ukulele has taken on a fun and summery reputation, but there are still champions of the true art of this instrument. Colin Healey and Peter McPartland are a ukulele and cuarto playing duo who truly know how to get the most from their instruments, and though they create undeniable summery happiness through their music, their full, booming sound makes each track an anthem. Like Eric Clapton with extra sugar, the pair both pack powerful voices and perfect ears for the potential of their instruments. The chirpy twist of ukulele and cuarto proves that less can definitely sometimes mean more, and the back catalogue of these two certainly speaks for itself. Certainly a band that I want to see live to see their talent and chemistry shining through.

Based – Liverpool

Find them at –

Listen to – Find Me In The Water


Until The Bird Of The Soul Takes Flight From The Cage Of The Body To
Consort With The Nightingales Of The Everlasting Garden
(or Until The Bird… for short)

Now, they may have a long name, but the talent and traditional folk quality of this three piece are equal to it and, if they can contain that many ideas into just their name, then imagine what they can do with a whole three minutes of music. They describe themselves as post-apocalyptic, and their beautifully crafted music, packed full of all the brightness that their collection of instruments can offer, they could certainly offer great musical comfort to the survivors at the end of the world. Lyrically this is a band that can flick effortlessly from light-hearted topics to war to love, and communicate the human condition in such a seamless and hugely heart-warming way. Until The Bird… with their blissfully natural sounds will leave you wanting them to record a soundtrack to your life.

Based – London

Find them at –

Listen to – Collateral


Young War

Young War has gone by numerous names over recent years, but this Manchester-based artist is now heading down the road of R&B and Soul, with some stunning acoustic elements. Little is known of him just yet, but with Communion Records on his side and live shows including Bushstock already in the diary, he is certainly one to look out for in the not too distant future. Young War has just the one track available at the moment, in the form of the elegantly constructed Say That It’s Love. It has passion and emotion and is a great sign of what is to come.

Based – Manchester

Find him at –

Listen to – Say That It’s Love


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