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So now Christmas is over and the New Year has begun, we’re all trying to think of ways to perk ourselves up and get through the usual Winter blues. Well, we at TFFT are here to help, with a selection of the best new musicians and bands around at the moment. So please enjoy the artists on this January edition of Thank Folk For New Bands…


Sunny And Boo Boo

Matty Onn and Natasha Broadhurst, under their alias of Sunny and Boo Boo, have only been making music since the middle of last year, and their sound has evolved from an acoustic guitar and electric organ duo to a whole range of instruments, including the banjo, electric keyboard, electric guitar and harmonica. It seems impossible to pin down their sound, as songs like The Garden, a summer breeze of a song, and Whipped Back, a powerful, jangling number, show just how diverse this band can be and makes it seem like they would fit just as easily in the London folk scene as they would in some smoky American bar. For such a new band they aren’t short of songs, and you won’t fail to be moved by their wonderfully sunny and full sounds.

Based – Lincolnshire

Find Them At –

Listen To – James Joyce


Sam Sallon

It is difficult to believe that Sam Sallon, having shared a stage with artists such as Johnny Flynn, Fionn Regan, Lucy Rose, Pete Doherty and Rodrigo y Gabriela, has only just released his second EP Kathy’s Song. Having began in 2005 with an untitled three-track acoustic EP, he has been supporting, playing and building an impressive following ever since, causing his new EP to have become widely anticipated. His songs have a beautiful raw style to them, yet, as shown in his cover of Paul Simon’s Kathy’s Song, a slick production behind them, and, similar to Keaton Henson, you find yourself unconsciously wrapped up in the pure emotive power of each song. He plays in Manchester on March 14th, for our sister-promo company Jackdaw Social. Tickets found here.

Based – London

Find Him At –

Listen To – Kathy’s Song


Gibson Bull

The first thing that struck me about Gibson Bull (other than his great name) was his wonderful, carefree drawl which gives each song, no matter what the subject matter, an uplifting, untroubled feeling, making him an artist that you can just listen to again and again and it will still contain the same positive and relaxing effect. Packed full of old rock and roll, blues and modern lively folk, he has gained fans from across genres and been compared with modern folk-rockers like Ben Howard and Michael Kiwanuka. He is currently recording an EP, which is set for a spring release, and no doubt his rolling vocals will be hitting festivals this summer and he will having audiences swaying along to his therapeutic collection.

Based – London

Find Him At –

Listen To – Come On Sunshine


Michael Cassidy

He’s been played on BBC Radio, supported Scottish heroes Frightened Rabbit and Rachel Sermanni, toured with Ben Howard, played at T In The Park and he has only just recently released his debut single. Michael Cassidy is set to become the new big name in Scottish folk music with all the support he has gained over the past year, and new single Battleships is a wonderful example of the catchy, soaring pop influences he has managed to mesh with modern folk influences. Any one that was caught by the new single will be glad to hear the he has finished recording his debut album, which is set for release at the end of this year. In the recent rush of folk-pop success in Scotland it is great to hear such fresh talent still pouring through and taking the folk scene to new places.

Based – Glasgow

Find Him At –

Listen To – Battleships


Chylde Owlet

There are many words that caught my eye when I was going through Chylde Owlet’s Facebook and Soundcloud pages, and it is safe to say that this is a woman who is playing music for the love of it; a few eye-catching phrases included ‘suburban gloom folk’, ‘self-indulgent wailing’ and ‘gin’, and though I think some of these go further in explaining her than others (more suburban gloom than wailing, I should clarify), I think this definitely shows she is an honest artist. Although all her songs so far have been recorded live on her boat, they show such a pure musical love and she has an obvious connection to her art that gives these live recordings more heart than most professional bands show nowadays. Chylde Owlet may seem melancholy and gloomy on the surface, but once you get inside you can see that these songs are beautiful reflections of our modern, if a bit gloomy, world.

Based – London

Find Her At –

Listen To – Pigeon Song

Josh King


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