TFFT Favourite Albums Of The Year 2018

2018 has been another wonderful year for music, with amazing collaboration albums from the likes of Big Red Machine, LUMP and boygenius, the return of favourites Ben Howard, Courtney Marie Andrews and Villagers, and a celebration of truly-exciting, new talent, including Soccer Mommy, Haley Heynderickx, Snail Mail, Novo Amor and Lucy Dacus. So once again, we’ve put together our annual list of TFFT Favourite Albums Of The Year – take a trip below…

Ben Howard – Noonday Dream

Navigating this album is an adventure that showcases Ben’s growth way beyond songwriting, and more so as a composer. While he’s surely folk-inspired, Ben Howard continues to blaze his own path as a musician and we couldn’t be more lucky to be on the receiving end of his creations

Jim James – Uniform Distortion

Jim James has released yet another album of rock gems and it will definitely be a contender for album of the year


Haley Heynderickx – I Need To Start A Garden

This album is a recommended ticket on that crooked path to self-determination. Haley is our real deal, dyed-in-the-wool fumbling woman (with razor-edge guitar skills), working her way through the costs of this world so we don’t have to do it alone, armed with a toolkit containing only the most necessary essentials: words, and a melody

Gregory Alan Isakov – Evening Machines

For Gregory Alan Isakov, words are ingrained into nature as much as nature is ingrained into his words, resulting in the most beautiful of songs. As one of the most convincing and dependable folk artists around these days, we can’t help but feel completely immersed in his music and inspired to have a more meaningful relationship with our planet, ourselves, and each other, through honest self-reflection and contemplation — preferably while on a gorgeous hike on terrain of your choice — because sometimes that’s exactly the kind of break you need to reset

Soccer Mommy – Clean

Snail Mail – Lush

Lindsey Jordan has a knack for portraying her emotions with a maturity that many would be unable to do, accompanied by some astounding guitar skills and well-woven production

Phil Cook – People Are My Drug

With People Are My Drug, Phil Cook displays his fine skills as a multi-talented musician with a strong grasp on all of the styles that makes music a party and celebration

Leon Bridges – Good Thing

Gentle and inspiring, this is an album for music lovers in general. Its 70s blues meets 90s RnB fusion is both fun and charming. Leon Bridges is set to have a future filled with sunshine and soul and I for one think he deserves every moment

Courtney Marie Andrews – May Your Kindness Remain

Converse to its under-confident, wearisome subjects, the actual substance of May Your Kindness Remain is triumphant. This is an album that feels much more established and confident than Andrews’ back catalogue. It may sound like nonsense but May Your Kindness Remain feels much more like an album, rather than a selection of tracks. That is credit to Andrews’ increasing maturity as a songwriter and artist

boygenius – boygenius

Matt Corby – Rainbow Valley

With five EPs plus his debut album Telluric behind him, Rainbow Valley has a far more natural and comfortable feel to it. Despite the varying styles of music, the songs fit together as a warm journey through Corby’s contented world

Mountain Man – Magic Ship

Overall, this record’s simplicity doesn’t limit its capability to evoke emotion from its listeners; in fact, its simplicity accentuates the beauty of the vocals and their harmonies, the main spectacle, which is enough to give you goosebumps alone

Big Red Machine – Big Red Machine

S. Carey – Hundred Acres

S. Carey has proved his ability to shine in his own spotlight when he’s not collaborating with Bon Iver. On Hundred Acres, Carey takes his master skill set of tender songwriting to new levels

Father John Misty – God’s Favorite Customer

After his 2017 release, Father John Misty has regained a lot of excitement with these ten indie-rock gems

Villagers – The Art Of Pretending To Swim

The Art Of Pretending To Swim is a delectable example of a band in their prime; improving and striving for greatness, ten years into a career. The record deserves every success and will provide the perfect soundscape for a delightfully hygge Autumn season

John Prine – The Tree Of Forgiveness

Novo Amor – Birthplace

Birthplace liberally incorporates percussion and strings for a more positive sentiment. Ambient undertones together with Lacey’s angelic falsetto exude a warmth and spirituality that is unparalleled, and enough to give you the chills. The beauty of Novo Amor’s music certainly lives up to the beauty of its name

Lucy Dacus – Historian

Finally, to celebrate the music from each of these incredible 20 records, we’ve put together an ‘Albums Of The Year 2018’ playlist, for you to spin all the way through to the New Year…


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