Review: Willy Mason – Carry On



Carry On, is Willy Mason’s third studio album. After looking forward to hearing this record after playing and replaying his previous EP’s and albums, and seeing some phenomenal live shows, it was hard not to expect big things. Produced by Dan Carey, known for recently working with Yeasayer, Mystery Jets, Django Django, and Tame Impala, Carry On, brings deep storytelling, and nearly 40 minutes of new material.

What Is It, starts with what one would expect from Mason. The song has blues and folk mixed with his deeply emotional and personal vocal tones. Pickup Truck, starts with an almost Casio keyboard sounding percussion track, and reminds me of a Nathaniel Rateliff track, which is definitely a compliment.

Four songs in, Restless Fugitive. A six minute track with guitars that swim in your ears, a story about a desperate wanderer. When listening to the song, it reminds me of black and white American western films, from years ago. Reminiscent of a quiet, yet solo sunset.

The tempos of the album wane and wax like the moon, with emotions moving along with percussion, and always with Mason’s melodic vocal tones. Highlights of the 11 track record include the opener, What Is It, title track, Carry On, and If It’s The End.

Willy Mason has matured musically over the course of his albums and EP’s, and has shown that he is a talented songwriter who should have a far wider audience than he has now, although it’s only a matter of time before everyone realises what he has.

Victoria Sanders


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