Review: The Staves – Dead And Born And Grown

If there was a way to describe The Staves to anyone it would be ‘three sisters whose voices melt together to create a soothing harmonizing sound’. Emily, Jessica and Camilla have generated a lot of interest with their previous EP’s and with the release of Dead & Born & Grown, The Staves bring forward a hauntingly beautiful debut album.

Taken from The Motherlode EP, Wisely And Slow acts as a perfectly suited introduction to the album as we’re launched straight into compelling harmonies, which I guess could be described as their speciality. Lyrically there is a sense of poetic romanticism that can be traced throughout the entire album and as cliché as that may come across, when accompanied by the simplicity of their harmonies, with every song you’re drawn into different scenery; from a medieval woodland to a modern western. Every now and then, The Staves find themselves being compared to Laura Marling, it is difficult to imagine any artist that wouldn’t find that comparison flattering, but what this album does prove is that these sisters are driven by a passion for music and they present a sound that is familiar yet memorable and fresh.

Whether you’re already a devoted fan or have never heard of The Staves, Tongue Behind My Teeth is one of the many songs which confirms that The Staves are more than just three sisters who can sing in tune; their songs tell stories that aren’t explicit love songs and are open to different interpretations. Although they have been previously released, Mexico and Pay Us No Mind still stand out to take their rightful place in the album; this only illustrates the brilliant talent of the three sisters as they are able to put together songs that you find yourself being drawn back to despite being in the midst of new songs.  This is not to say that the new songs on the album do not stand out, Eagle Song rounds off the album in a way in which affirms the talent and passion offered by The Staves.

Currently supporting Bon Iver for the second time this year, there’s no other way for The Staves to round off a brilliant year musically, than with the release of a debut album which captivates and draws you into a sense of wonder with every listen.

Simi Abidakun


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