Review: The Robbie Boyd Band – Spring Generation


The Robbie Boyd Band have got the balance just right with their latest E.P, Spring Generation. Full of the hope and curiosity that comes with the first days of spring, we are presented with three delightfully upbeat tunes, loaded with funky folk melodies and catchy choruses, and left on a contemplative note by the final song Unlock The Key.

Robbie’s idiosyncratic voice is one that really compliments the style of music that TRBB are all about, as do the flawlessly arranged male and female backing vocals that play an important part in each and every song. His band also supply an eclectic mix of instrumentals, initiating an incredibly fresh and energetic vibe within the EP and encouraging listeners to sing and dance along.

Having been previously released as a single, the EP’s first track When I Believe has already garnered a lot of approval from the likes of BBC Radio 2 and is destined to become even more commercially successful with the release of Spring Generation. Despite this, the band don’t fail to sustain their distinctive sound which has developed enormously since their previous EP Autumn’s Flown.

Hailing from London, the band’s English roots show undeniably in their latest offering, perhaps most of all in the title track Spring Generation. Here we are told of Daisy Green and her imaginary adventures and, as with personal favourite The Lean, a brilliant sense of unity is created through the use of bright and hopeful lyrics such as ‘the breath of the future is in you and me.’

These past two years have seen The Robbie Boyd Band go from strength to strength, in the process attracting an enthusiastic following, due to a frequent performing schedule, radio airplay on BBC Radio 2, 6 Music and Absolute Radio and supporting the likes of Johnny Flynn and the Kooks. I for one am excited to see how they will continue to develop their music after this EP, perhaps by diversifying their sound in order to create songs that are slightly less similar and of more substance. What with all this success behind them, I believe that this will come with time.

Flossie Wildblood


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