Review: The National – Trouble Will Find Me



The National give us a gift in Trouble Will Find Me.

There’s something to be said about a band that no one has anything bad to say about. Not in the manner of jumping on a bandwagon, and being “in” to a band, but in a way that they are so good at their craft, even if you personally don’t enjoy their music, they still demand respect for their art.

The National bring a maturity, and a fierce emotion, that cannot be transcribed into a few words. Without dissecting what I find to be brilliant writing and music, I’ll first say go out and purchase this album. Download it from your local record shop, download it from iTunes, find it on vinyl. Get your hands on it somehow.

I Should Live In Salt is an apt opener…“Don’t make me read your mind, you should have known me better than that…”  There are times that you listen to an album for the first time, and you’re certain you’ve heard it before. This doesn’t mean that it sounds like something you have heard before, or copies another album or style, it just rings true in such a way that you’re struck by its power.

Don’t Swallow The Cap is currently playing on (good) radio stations, as the first single from Trouble Will Find Me. It’s what you expect from The National. “Everything I love is one the table, everything I love is out to sea…” Misery, in a manner that can be related to, and not depressing. Brilliant honesty about the ins and outs of a life of responsibility and adulthood, filled with emotion, action, and inaction.

Is this The National’s best album? There’s no way to determine that until they’ve stopped making music entirely. After listening to Trouble WIll Find Me, that’s a decision I hope they do not make for some time.

At the end of my fifth or sixth listen to Trouble Will Find Me, I still believe you should buy this album (now) and that this will easily make its way to many reviewers’ top ten lists of the year. Buy this album, sit somewhere, and listen to this entire piece of music. You’ll be glad you have done so.

Victoria Sanders


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