Review: Stefan Melbourne – EP-01

Manchester-based Stefan Melbourne is gracefully stepping onto the folk-radar. Melbourne recently released a two song record, EP-01, which blends country and folk and pulls it off perfectly. He is accompanied on both tracks by Chloe Leavers, an emerging talent hailing from Wales.

The first track, A Place To Hide, is light fare, but here begins the effortless talent for which Melbourne will be known.  The song is the epitome of simple and sweet, and the strum of his guitar carries the song without being overbearing.

How Long is Always is heartfelt and genuine, with harmonies that spread through your bones. Swirls of guitar can be found throughout, emphasising every enticing moment. Leavers deeply leaves her mark as well, closing out the EP.

EP-01 has the potential to please anyone who stumbles upon it. Both tracks are handled with poise while still holding folk roots. If you like a laid-back roots-y feel, Stefan Melbourne is for you. Both tracks are undeniably human; they seemingly possess a soul that could only be found within a body.

If you are living in Manchester, or are able to be in the area, you can see Melbourne on March 26th when he joins us for the launch of our Thank Folk For That live night.

Taylor Nugent


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