Review: She & Him – A Very She & Him Christmas

Unless you’ve been living in a media-free hole, you’ve all probably noticed that Christmas is on its way. On the whole I generally take a grinch-esque, cynical approach to dealing with the ever-increasing tinsel and novelty reindeers of scowling, however the Christmas offering from She & Him is impossible to hate!

If you’re a fan of She & Him, you’ll probably have a fairly good idea of what to expect. A Very She & Him Christmas is twelve songs of proof that the classics are the best, especially at this time of year (not that any further proof is needed after The Cheeky Girls Christmas offerings).
The third album from the wonderfully twee duo, She & Him, is everything you could want from a Christmas album, with Deschanel’s gorgeous voice serenading us into the Christmas period. The album brings you a delightful variety of Christmas classics from the chirpy jingles of Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree to the beautifully melancholy Blue Christmas.

She & Him consists of the musical and vocal styling of M. Ward and Zooey Deschanel. Deschanel does the majority of the vocals, however Ward’s vocals do appear throughout the album, with my personal favourite being their version of Baby, It’s Cold Outside. I am a sucker for a duet and this is a delightful cover, with the pair switching up the roles and Deschanel singing the part traditionally sang by the male.

She & Him met when they were asked to record a song for a film that Deschanel was starring in at the time and they hit it off straight away. Deschanel sent Ward some of the demos she had made over the years and Ward convinced her to record them properly…thus She & Him were born. Deschanel has sung in a fair few of her films, she sings in 500 days of Summer, and She & Him have a track on the soundtrack. Her most appropriate acting role in which she sings is in the film Elf, where she sings another version of Baby, It’s Cold Outside, and also attempts to spread Christmas cheer by singing Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

Anyway, enough cinema history, if your idea of Christmas is more mittens and gingerbread houses and less inflatable Santas and musical ties, I would definitely recommend this Christmas album to you, keeping the classics alive and adding class to any Christmas party (they put the class in classics, I apologise, it had to be said).

Robyn Lawrence


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