Review: Rae Morris – From Above EP



If, like me, you have been waiting for Rae Morris’ new EP since she first gave us word of it, and if you have been similarly crossing off the days since it was pre-ordered, then this week must have met you with the same relief and happiness that it did me. From Above is the newest edition to Rae’s EP catalogue and certainly does not disappoint those who have eagerly awaited it.

With a build-up that included teasers like a duet with critic’s favourite piano-man Tom Odell, a remix by Bombay Bicycle Club’s Jack Steadman of title-track From Above and a near-heartbreaking video it was a safe bet that the new release was going to reflect her ever-increasing trajectory. With influences like Steadman at such close quarters, and the speed and passion with which Rae works, it is not surprising that the production just gets better and better with each release, and as lead track From Above fades out into soft, ticking drums, ringing guitars and her distinctive piano work, this EP really feels like the result of a lot of experience and a lot of hard work.

As well as the powerful and emotional layers of From Above, tracks Wait A While and This Time continue to show Rae Morris at not only a new instrumental level – as they all begin in her appealing, sweet style before building to crashing, stirring finales – but an increasingly moving and intelligent lyrical intensity. The constant artistic and personal progression that she shows, coupled with her crippling natural charm and a voice as big as her hair, is making Rae one of the best new musicians in the country, and these three tracks show an insightful and mature look at the pains and hopes of love.

From Above is everything we already like about Rae with new layers intertwined that show everyone she is not just a girl and her piano, but an ever-rising new musical force. ‘I’m not likely to be someone you want, to be around for very long,’ are just some of From Above‘s lyrics that Rae just constantly proves wrong, because I for one can’t wait to hear what she comes up with next.

Josh King


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