Review: Rachel Sermanni – Black Currents

Rachel Sermanni is a name I have heard mentioned for a while now. I have seen numerous new releases, videos, reviews and features dedicated to her, however before her new EP release Black Currents, I had yet to sit down and really listen to her; she was just a name I had heard of – but after four tracks worth of magic she is now no longer a name but a favourite!

The first song Breath Easy, with its soft tunes and caressing lyrics, welcomes the listener in and in the latter half of the song shows the full extent of Rachel’s rich, charming voice.  The Fog follows and it has an up tempo, racy rhythm, catchy and reinforcing her versatile and swooping vocals.  The ethereal and somewhat mystical Black Current is next, with a more diverse sound; effortless and illustrating her almost husky Laura Marling similarities.

Song To A Fox is sadly the last track on the EP. Simple and beautiful, the track caresses and carries you off into a land of mellowness and peacefulness.  What really makes this EP truly wonderful, besides her exquisite lyrics and gorgeous voice, are the mesmerising instrumentals throughout each track; enchanting and bewitching they really add to the music’s delicacy and grace.

It is rare that I only need to listen to a song once but each track on this EP fulfilled this criteria, it is just a shame that it had to end!

Ellie Witt


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