Review: Poor Moon – Poor Moon

I have been waiting with anticipation for Poor Moon’s self titled debut album since the release of their first EP Illusion, which was released earlier this year. Having been addicted to its raw 60’s inspired psychedelic folk sound with a nu-wave twist, I was pleased to find that that this record is a continuation of that and does not disappoint. The band, comprising of Christian Wargo and Casey Wescott of Fleet Foxes, along with brothers Ian and Peter Murray from The Christmas Cards, have made a record that will spellbind you and take you on a journey.

Each track on the album has its own individual sound but they all link up together perfectly. Wargo’s vocals come across as intimate and storyteller like, he has the ability to captivate you completely and let the music through. You can hear the attention to detail throughout this album as Poor Moon’s use of instruments including harpsichord, marimba and fretless zither all add something very special to this album, which allows it to grow on every listen.

The opening track, Clouds Below, is beautifully crafted and their angelic harmonies are hypnotic and pull you straight in. Same Way has this powerful feeling of escapism. When Wargo sings “I used to think I wanted to be free as a creature that no one could see”, it should leave you feeling sad but instead you are left feeling inspired as you get taken on a rollercoaster of soaring harmonies. The 60’s psych-pop of Waiting For has an addictive yet spiraling effect. Heaven’s Door sees Wargo take on a role similar to Arthur Lee with his poignant lyrics mixed with rhythmic and somewhat tribal beats. The sublime tracks Bucky Pony and Come Home are hauntingly beautiful and their musical arrangements stand out. Birds is the perfect ending to this album; it has the ability to take you on an adventure that evokes memories of lost summers and distant lands.

Poor Moon’s debut album is like an experimental wave that lets you as the listener transport yourself, which is something that all records should allow you to do. It’s a record that sweeps you away with its beautiful melodies and thoughtful lyrics.

Cat Norris


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