Review: Paul Thomas Saunders – Descartes Highlands

For those of you out there who have a tendency to get a bit stressed out on the odd occasion and may need calming in some small way, then Paul Thomas Saunders is your man!  His new EP Descartes Highlands draws you in with its captivating beauty and soothing nature.  The first and second track The Trail Remains Unseen and A Lunar Veteran’s Guide to Re – entry, despite their similarities, exude class and maturity whilst having a certain simplicity and innocence.  They show true talent and delicacy and are tracks which you will never get bored of hearing.

Let the Carousel Display You & I is somewhat illusory, with eerie vocals and mystical twinkling in the background.  However, with no identifiable chorus the listener can lose momentum in the track and get a bit lost now and then. Santa Muerte’s Lightning & Flare is slightly more up tempo, with melodic beats and melancholy tunes, elegance and charm seem to cascade throughout.

Dreamy lyrics set against a backdrop of mellow piano tinkling, catchy guitar strumming and drifting vocals, it is an EP which makes you ponder and contemplate and one ideally suited to those relaxing summer days to come…hopefully!

Ellie Witt


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