Review: Paper Aeroplanes – A Comfortable Sleep

Paper Aeroplanes hail from the west-coast of Wales, 
a country soaked in fine folk talent.

And at the forefront are Sarah Howells and Richard Llewellyn, the duo that are set to release their third EP on September 15th – A Comfortable Sleep.

Having unveiled their previous set of tracks on EP We Are Ghosts not but a few months ago in March, Paper Aeroplanes are clearly preparing themselves for big things to come. They are also heading out on a headline tour soon, visiting cities all over the UK throughout September, October and November.

Here they will be featuring all four new tracks from A Comfortable Sleep – Opener Tuesday sets the precedent for the EP. Lightly strummed guitars, delicately played strings and Sarah’s gorgeous voice, which flows effortlessly from notes high and low. The abrupt ending is in itself a fine and stunning addition, as the listener is moved to hear the track several times again, to take in the lovely lyrics.

Sarah recently described these tracks as ‘just four little songs about the simple things that can sway your day.’ And that’s just it…Paper Aeroplanes keep it simple, but also keep it honest, which results in music that people can relate to, whilst allowing their hearts to be lifted to the heavens; even if just for these 12 or so minutes of hope and beauty – ‘Maybe all you need is love’ (All You Need).

Winter Never Comes is the final track on this EP, which essentially leaves you crying out for more…lots more. Again, it’s fragile and sweet, offering some fantastic lyrics – ‘I’ll fly away to hide beneath the sun / I’m leaving in September / so Winter never comes…’ – which pretty much sums up all our wants and wishes at this time of year! And the EP has also clearly been lovingly produced, made evident by this closing track, as the simplest of backing vocals create a wonderful effect that may have been lost without them.

A Comfortable Sleep is a gorgeous little set of acoustic-folk tracks which can alter any mood on a dreary afternoon. The one downfall however, is it’s length…it’s too short! But we’re sure that Sarah and Richard are preparing something more substantial for release in the near future, which based on this, is surely going to be sensational!

A Comfortable Sleep is released on September 15th
 and is now ready to pre-order.

In addition, Paper Aeroplanes will be launching the EP with a live online stream from a front room in Cardiff…for more info, head to their event page by clicking HERE!

& for more news, tour details and EP information, visit
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