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Night Beds makes music. Night Beds is Winston Yellen. And Winston Yellen makes amazingly beautiful music. Country Sleep is Night Beds first release, and brings ten tracks of near perfection together in one collection, a musical dream.

My first exposure to Night Beds was a few months back, when I heard Even If We Try, and was absolutely blown away. I looked for anything more to listen to by Night Beds, and eventually, Ramona, was released to quench my ears. Country Sleep is going to end up on my top ten albums of the year list, I can say that with certainty and it’s just February.

Country Sleep was recorded in Nashville, TN, while Colorado native, Winston Yellen, lived in a house previously owned by Johnny Cash himself. The musical gods were on his side.

Without comparing Night Beds, one of the thoughts I had whilst listening to this record, was that if Andrew Bird and Father John Misty had a musical child who was from Nashville, this could possibly be him.

From start to finish, there’s not one track not worth your time. Faithful Heights, a purely vocal selection introduces what becomes one of the most gorgeous musical journeys that I’ve taken in quite some time. The fifth track, Borrowed Time, has fast become my favourite on Country Sleeps. Yellen’s vocals, with an old country and western sound, lay into the listeners ears. I keep using physical descriptions to describe this album, but it’s beautiful. Beautiful in the way a sunset over the hills can be.

There’s been an influx of brilliant young songwriters coming to light over the last few years, and with how much talent is brought forth on Country Sleep, I hope we’re all lucky enough to hear Night Beds writing and recording new music for a long time.

Victoria Saunders


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