Review: Meg Baird – Seasons On Earth

Meg Baird’s new album, Seasons on Earth is due to be released today, (26th September), her first solo album since 2007. Having been in the band ‘Espers’, and also released an album with her sister under the name ‘The Baird Sisters’, Meg is no sapling but rapidly becoming a folk oak, staying ever true to her roots but growing as an artist, giving her new album a fuller slightly more mature feeling than her previous albums’ stark, confessional style.

Despite the fuller sound of this record, Baird maintains accessibility through the sweet, fragility of her vocals, which allow the listener to become a part of the bittersweet feeling of the songs. It is also largely her vocals that completely make the two covers on the album her own (Friends – Marc Almond, and Beatles And Stones – House Of Love…NOT Beady Eye!), stripping them of what they once were and lending them the haunting qualities of her voice that somehow has an optimistic twang.

The album opens with one of the lighter tracks on the record, Babyon, a tinkling ode to a ‘little Alice’, and ends with the almost whimsical Song for Next Summer – with images of tree tops calling, it is a beautiful way to bring you round from the Baird-induced reflection and reminiscing that her beautiful guitar picking and breathy, vulnerable voice has caused.

Listening recommendations; on a bench with a picturesque view or whilst walking to nowhere in particular. 



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