Review: Matt Norris And The Moon – This Kingdom

The Edinburgh five-piece Matt Norris and the Moon have been quickly making a name for themselves in the Scottish folk-scene with their traditional, instrumental folk-pop and refreshing vocal harmonies.

On their new EP This Kingdom, they have a kind of natural energy to them that makes you long to see them live. Second track Eyes Of A Storm begins with a powerful jangling of guitars, enough to make you sit up straight, and the echoing accordion throughout seems better suited to shake the walls of some Scottish bar than to be contained on an EP.

The orchestral feel of their sound, with their diverse amount of instruments and players, allows this EP to showcase some of their differing styles, as it quickly goes from the sounds of accordion to the haunting melody of a flute on Shadow From The Sun, which gives the twee-folk of This Kingdom a boost of vocal energy, like a slightly diluted Seth Lakeman as its darker side comes out.

The five minute long finisher The Shallows slowly rises and Norris’ vocals build into a crashing release of tension, reflective more of the ocean than the shallows, and falls into silence before rising and crashing again.

Though each song displays a different mood and feeling, there seems a running theme of power throughout. Similar to previous new releases this year such as Joseph and David’s debut EP, Matt Norris & The Moon have a big sound, brought forward by their collection of instruments and their vigorous playing of them. Matt Norris & The Moon, with their raw, fun passion produce a sound which wants to make you get up and find them playing live.

Josh King


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