Review: Matt Corby – Into The Flame


Matt Corby is just 22, although in listening to his voice and lyrics, it’s quite hard to believe he’s so young in years. The Into The Flame EP was released last November in his native Australia, and has just been released this November via Communion Music, the label where Corby sits alongside artists such as Joe Banfi, Marcus Foster, Pete Roe, Foy Vance, and a slew of other amazing talent.

Into the Flame is Corby’s fourth EP, and features four deeply lyrical tracks, Brother, Souls A’Fire, Untitled, and Big Eyes.

Brother is a hauntingly beautiful song, with deep vocal tones, and a song that I still find myself listening to on repeat, time, and time again.

Souls A’Fire has a bluesy undertone, that makes you feel as if you’re walking down an alley way (ginnel), with just one street lamp in the distance, and a hazy fog surrounding you.

During Untitled, the listener is brought along a wispy journey, of subtle sounds that pull on every emotional trigger that you could imagine. The voice you hear is of a man who has lived hundreds of lives, and felt every emotion the world has offered him up, “Oh, don’t you fret I’ll find my way/Carefully walking from the devil’s plane/And I know why you did not follow me/Pride swallowed me then led me astray.”

The closing song, Big Eyes, continues the deep emotional connection that Matt Corby conveys, whether intentional or not, with the world. This song features Bree Tranter, from The Middle East, on vocals.

Into The Flame is a beautiful EP, and the only complaint I have is that it’s so short. It’s truly a brilliant piece of work, and if you haven’t purchased it yet, or any of Matt Corby’s previous EP’s, you’re really missing out on a brilliant young songwriter who brings with him years beyond his own.

Victoria Sanders


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