Review: Lucy Rose – The Ruby Lounge, Manchester

On a day when the whole country seemed to fall to pieces, a number of us were fortunate to stay unaware of the events in our cities for a while longer, instead innocently enjoying the absolute beauty of what Britain can offer – in the form of Lucy Rose.
Tonight in an ever-increasingly popular venue, The Ruby Lounge, TFFT slalomed through the streets in time to catch Rose’s first performance in Manchester. Supported by the excellent Chi Limpiroj and long-time local talent Karima Francis, Lucy took to the stage in a somewhat nervous and uncertain fashion, checking the sound quality numerous times and perching on the edge of her seat like a child on her first day of school. But, when Rose and fellow bandmates (drummer, bass, electric, cello and violin) began to play, confidence seemed to rise from nowhere.
Her voice can only be described as angelic. Like the smell of freshly cut grass it fills you with a warm, fuzzy feeling, as she charms you with her whispery, enchanting tones. On the likes of Don’t You Worry for example, I guarantee that every male in that room was wishing they were the subject, when Lucy repeats in her echoey way, ‘Don’t you worry/I’ll stay here with you’. On other tracks such as First, the whole room fell to a deafly-silence as once again her heavenly vocals stunned the crowd.
A word must be said also for her band. Any setup with two members on strings (and an absolutely stunning drummer!) is always going to be brilliant, and despite some problems on the bass, they performed confidently and tightly, without taking anything away from the main performer, sitting comfortably on her stool at the front!

Closing the show with new single Middle Of The Bed which was in fact released that very day, and the upbeat and crowd encouraging Bikes, once again Lucy and band blew us away. With their plucky instrumentals, gorgeous textures and of course that beautiful and gentle voice, one can only smile throughout, despite some of Rose’s lyrics being devastatingly heart-breaking.
Essentially, Lucy Rose deserves the overwhelmingly increasing buzz that is surrounding her. For an artist who has only just released her first single this week, she has been on the lips of many people in the industry, working alongside Bombay Bicycle Club, Slow Club and Any Burrows (Club!?) as well as being promoted almost instantaneously by Radio 1’s Edith Bowman.
We cannot wait to hear details of a new album and will hopefully be doing a wee interview with Lucy sometime soon. Plus, i’m extremely keen to meet someone who is so brilliant as to sell jam at a gig and apparently has a cup of tea tattoo…ruddy bloody awesome!
Dom Kay


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