Review: Kyla La Grange – Oxford Academy 2

There was much to be expected from Kyla La Grange’s hour-long set on Friday, following the release of her debut album Ashes earlier this year. At first glance, the audience were hit by the reasonable attempt to transform the average stage into some sort of magical woodland by draping vine leaves across the entire stage. This all fitted together when the spotlights were added to the puzzle and she walked on stage to the intro of Courage.

There is no way the band could be dismissed during this show – they brought every song to life , at times it felt like we were peering into a very intimate band session where music and a good time were the only things on the agenda. It’s also quite rare to find an artist who sounds better live than on an album which has been refined. Having listened to Ashes a few times over, Kyla La Grange is without a doubt one of these gems. Heavy Stone and To Be Torn stole the show that night and were successful in silencing and bringing a room of people (myself included) to the brink of tears.  With every old or new, familiar or unfamiliar song, we were treated to the undeniable talent that Kyla La Grange has to offer.  With each transition between tracks we were drawn into a ghostly fairy tale in a matter of seconds; this was definitely due to the sheer power of her voice and not the overpowering smoke machines.

Kyla La Grange definitely surpassed all expectations that night. At times it’s all too easy for artists to become complacent when a venue isn’t packed out; this didn’t faze her in the slightest as she seemed to play like it was the first gig of the tour.

Simi Abidakun


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