Review: Kyla La Grange – Ashes


Hailing from Watford, there’s a lot to be expected from singer-songwriter Kyla La Grange’s debut album. We are launched into a world littered with electric guitar riffs, smooth transitions and rousing anthems. With this debut she follows the route of female angst mixed in with Goth folk, but we’re far from raging ex-girlfriend territory here, Kyla La Grange surpasses that and offers us beautifully constructed music which draws on seriously deep emotions.

Walk Through Walls opens up the album perfectly with a delightful introduction to the haunting voice of Kyla La Grange; there could have been a possibility that the combination of the big drums and continuous guitar riffs would over shadow the delicate voice of Kyla La Grange, but fear not, the soaring chorus shows off her ability of matching her unique voice to an immense sound in order to create a roaring anthem.

If anyone slightly doubts the vocal talent offered, they should look no further than To Be Torn. It’s one of the quieter songs but with every note and every lyric it becomes clearer that Kyla La Grange has not hesitated from giving her all and pouring out her heart into this album. It has to be said that despite the talent showcased throughout the album, about halfway through, the nature and tone of the songs begin to seem repetitive and expected. There isn’t a twist or defining moment that catches you off guard. However, Heavy Stone does offer a pleasant alternative; it’s hard not to get drawn into a state of calmness and bliss when presented with the captivating voice of Kyla La Grange accompanied by stripped back harmonies.

There is a reason why Kyla La Grange has been rightly compared to great female vocalists such as Florence Welch and Anna Calvi; she is not afraid to bare all in order to produce songs driven by emotion. Ashes is not perfect and you certainly won’t find yourself picturing fields of daisies whilst listening to it, but Kyla La Grange has succeeded in creating an array of beautifully written songs (some big, some small) which don’t shy away from dipping into the darkest of emotions.

Simi Abidakun


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