Review: Josephine Foster – Blood Rushing


I do love it when you get drawn into someone else’s world from the very start of listening to a record. You know that if you stop then you will end up missing something special. The new album Blood Rushing by Josephine Foster has that effect as you instantly get swept away by the sheer beauty and elegance of her voice.

Blood Rushing shows Foster pushing the boundaries and proving her worth as a musician and vocalist. Whilst there are beautiful folk songs on this album, Foster also lets her avant-garde soul loose and the end result is mesmerizing. Blood Rushing is like a psychedelic wave that pushes you through to a beautiful place.

Opening track Waterfall is full of joy with its jangly guitars and Foster’s voice clear as crystal cutting though. The effect that this has is magical. Panorama Wide and Child of God are two of the standout tracks on the album, as they are full of beautiful layers of guitars, percussion and hauntingly pretty backing vocals. The psychedelic hard-hitting Geyser is absolute genius. Its powerful sound stems in the growling guitars along with Foster’s swirly intoxicating vocals, making you feel like you are in within an inferno. Underwater Daughter has the vintage feel of a 1930s Hollywood musical. You can imagine a girl singing alone looking up at the stars. Her voice is sweet but strong and has the same Americana soulful tone of Alela Diane mixed with the strength and power of Laura Nyro.

Foster is an old soul in the way that she writes. Her words are historian like as if she is on a mission to help the lost and lonely with wisdom collected from the past. Her songs are full of truth that weave a spell over you, leaving you captivated and completely at her will.
Cat Norris


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