Review: Jenny O. – Home


Jenny O’s Home is a beautifully quaint record, filled with all the charm and cheer that one might expect from a female folky/indie artist. The record is pleasantly familiar yet far from tired sounding. In spite of the fact that Jenny O is by default a member of the current tribe of ‘girl with guitar’ artists, her work manages to stand out from the crowd.

The EP opens with the brilliant Well Ok Honey; the 60’s influenced, sunny-sounding track is the catchiest song on the record and showcases Jenny O’s tremendously sweet sounding voice, perfectly. The following All My Wishes is a more mellow, intimate sounding song – and lays the foundations for what should be expected of the remainder of the record.

Arguably the most beautiful song on Home is the penultimate track I Do, I Do; the delicate tune becomes increasingly dramatic as percussion is added to minimal piano notes, with great result. Much like the rest of the album, the title track of the album Home is filled with raw emotion and honest lyrics. The album is clearly a personal and important piece to the singer/songwriter, and manages to be affecting without being overbearing. The songs speak of relationships without sounding whiney, and use tuneful harmonies and cutesy hooks without sounding twee.

Jenny O’s Home is relatable and compelling, it is by no means ground breaking but it is sweet, and as the title of the record implies, it is cosy and comforting. The EP is undoubtedly a success and we look forward to hearing more from the lovely songstress.

Jessica Newsome


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