Review: James Vincent Mcmorrow – The Kazimier, Liverpool

A haunting yet beautiful voice, delicate emotive lyrics and powerful but mellow tunes has made this rugged Irish man one of TFFT’s favourites for a while.  When he first came onto the scene it was just him and his guitar, but his current tour has seen a change in set up. A band of four are accompanying  him on his eight day tour around the country, with almost every venue selling out, boasting a variety of instruments from banjo, keyboard, drums and the ukulele.  With the room literally bursting at the seams, people hanging from the balconies and crammed next to each other like sardines, it is safe to say Liverpool were out in force to show their support for Mr McMorrow and had high hopes for the evening ahead.  Hopes which were well and truly satisfied if not exceeded. Support came from Rob Bravery with simple and understated tracks. His sound resembles hints of Bright Eyes and Death Cab and his timid and casual stage presence was an endearing quality.

The band seem to have given James’s performances a new lease of life, adding a more diverse and upbeat sound to songs such as This Old Dark Machine and Sparrow And The Wolf.  With an infectious energy transcending into the audience, most were toe tapping with some going even further by jumping up and down…on the spot! The songs We Don’t Eat and Higher Love were crowd favourites, and rightly they should be – spine tingling to the core they were truly stunning, showing off his remarkable talent as a live performer and songwriter.  Enchanting songs such as If I Had A Boat and From The Woods reinforce his exquisite yet raw voice, complimented by the sweet harmonies coming from behind him; especially prominent in the flawless encore track Early In The Morning, I’ll Come Calling.

James seems to have grown in confidence since I last saw him, in regards to his stage presence and crowd interaction.  Previously he has charmed and wooed the audience with a humble character and funny jokes, however tonight he excelled himself! His quick wit and complete composure on stage seemed so natural and immediately put the audience at ease, maintaining laughter and an enjoyable and relaxed vibe throughout, ensuring everyone left with a smile plastered upon their face and with the sound of enchanting music ringing in their ears.

Ellie Witt


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