Review: Henry Skewes – Coming Home

Both hard-hitting and delicate, this three piece EP is a stunning summer listen. Little Birdy is exceptionally upbeat and hypnotic, repetitions of ‘little birdy’ dancing all over the song. Henry Skewes is known for his jaunty guitar playing and the energy that emanates from his songs; Coming Home is no different.
Skewes captures the essence of fresh cut grass and hazy summer afternoons in this EP. You’ll want to kick your shoes off and dip them in a cool stream somewhere before the third track is out. Hard Loving is more mellow and delicate, in which he’s joined by a female singer whose soft tones compliments his raw, edgy voice.
If I Were Roy Orbison is a nod to this artist’s influence on Henry, a singer-songwriter from North London whose other influences include Hank Williams and Tom Waits. It’s much easier to place this man in the middle of wild countryside than it is in the city, and it’s reflected in his laidback, folky music.
Another act that’s soon to be seen at our Thank Folk For That Live Night, do not miss! Here’s hoping he brings the sunshine with his guitar.
Sara West


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