Review: Georgia Ruth – In Luna

Earlier this week, Georgia Ruth released her stunning EP, In Luna.

The Welsh singer-songwriter has created something rather beautiful here, chiefly using what I would personally view as one the finest instruments around, the harp. Her talent is clearly obvious upon the first listen, displaying both her fine harp-playing skills, as well as her beautiful voice. EP opener and possibly my favourite of the record, Through Your Hands, is a luscious folk-pop song that automatically explains why Georgia Ruth is becoming an increasingly popular artist. Her vocals are flawless, swooping high and low with little effort. Along with the harp, her backing band equally compliment her voice, with lightly-strummed bass and softly-tapped drums, which take nothing away from Georgia’s spotlight on the recording.

Though pleasant instrumentally, the lyrics on the record are those mainly of love, loss and heartbreak. Georgia is a fine lyric writer however, and ensure that the heartfelt stories and regrets are told with passion. Bones is a fine example of a songwriter that can pull a gorgeous melody and singalong chorus from a moment of grief and bitterness – a rare talent indeed. Despite the obvious pain in her voice, Georgia delivers the track sensationally, with a lovely country sound. It comes as little surprise that tracks like these have helped her gain live spots at the likes of Glastonbury and Green Man Festival, as well as recently being given Radio 1 airtime by Huw Stephens, on more than one occasion.

Anna brings the record to a close with another beautifully-delivered narrative of loss, uncertainty and wisdom, complimented again by Georgia’s stunning harp skills. It’s a story that many young souls can relate to, and she is a fine voice of understanding and compassion.

There is no doubt that In Luna is another step towards stardom for Georgia Ruth. Accompanied with the harp, she brings a unique sound to the increasingly expanding world of folk music, a sound that sets her above many of her contemparies. With popular radio airplay, upcoming festival dates and more tracks of this very high standard, we’re sure Georgia Ruth will be very well known, very soon.

And don’t forget, you can catch Georgia Ruth live at our Thank Folk For That Launch Night!


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