Review: Emily & The Woods – Then We Collide




Then We Collide is the third EP released by the London 3 piece Emily And The Woods.

Held together by the beautifully delicate vocals of Emily Woods (the band is a family affair), and precise electric guitar soundscapes, it is a short, sweet offering.

Having already been championed by several Radio 1 DJs, single Helios is a cool collection of mysterious thoughts, served up like an ice cold cocktail on a summer afternoon. The Laura Marling-esque diction and phrasing, betray the Joni Mitchell influence that both artists have cited.

The standout track is Unfolding which does just as the name suggests. Nearly two minutes of expertly blended sounds, moving from muffled echo to right inside your head, it instantly creates a real vibe – impressive going, for a track so short.

It is a beautiful EP. Hypnotic, and the vocals are so gentle and real. However, possibly because of this, occasionally, the lyrics seem to play a little safe. Especially on Doorstep. It doesn’t detract from the music, it just leaves you wanting more. Which is maybe a good thing.

Since their self-titled debut of 2010, the band seem to have evolved a more distinctive sound, and if this quietly confident release is an indication of where things are headed, it seems probable that things are only going to get better and better.

Rachel Donnelly


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