Review + Download Exclusive: Feldspar – The Flat And Paper Sky Vol. 1


I really like it when you hear a folk record that is trying to push boundaries and not play it safe. As a listener and lover of music I want bands to give me something different, and its personally what I thrive on. Bands like Fleet Foxes, Espers, Other Lives and Midlake have paved the way for bands to challenge the sound that that they make. Like those mentioned, Feldspar are one of those bands when you listen to their music you can hear them evolving, pushing their sound and changing it into something exciting and new.

Feldspar’s new five track EP The Flat And Paper Sky Vol 1 is an interesting tale that unfolds as you listen to each track. Will Green’s vocals are clear and crisp throughout, backed by gorgeous harmonies.

The epic sounding Let The Time Run is a track that shows Feldspar making their mark. The witty and thought provoking lyrics such as “You were too young for sadness and I was too ugly for sex”, make this record really special. War themed Cressida is haunting with its drum rolls, piano and orchestral layers. The Rest is a beautiful wintery sounding song that shows Feldspar in a delicate experimental-folk mood that progresses as the song goes on, whilst Lady Danger is full of lush harmonies and electric guitar solos, mixed with Green’s lead vocals to provide the perfect mix. The last track on the EP, Shadow, has a powerful effect on the listener and leaves you wanting more.

Feldspar have created a beautiful modern folk EP full of well thought out songs and stunning arrangements. Their intimate use of guitars and percussion help to highlight the beautifully crafted songs that are featured on this record.

And, as an exclusive to Thank Folk For That, here is a free download of Feldspar’s wonderful EP-closer Shadow, recorded live at The Bedford, London…enjoy!

Cat Norris


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