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Accompanying the recent release of their debut album, If You Leave, Daughter have embarked on a tour that acts as an ideal introduction to their rapidly increasing fan base. The extravagance of the Oxford Town Hall as a backdrop, provided the perfect accompaniment to the delicate sound of Elena Tonra’s voice. There was no need for any added falsified façade; everything was exactly as it should have been. A stage, soft lighting and incredible music.

Before the show, it wasn’t apparent at just how similar a number of their songs are. Perhaps this was more to do with the set list, but at times it became difficult to trace where a song began and where it ended. There were moments during the course of the show where they all seemed to merge into one sound.

It was clear that I had also not fully appreciated the remarkable talent that Daughter has to offer. Very often it takes seeing a band live to fully appreciate the genius and hard work that goes into producing a clean cut composition. I found myself not listening to music but just staring at the precision at which they played and the connection between the band on stage.

It was at that point that a very special moment occurred, which consisted of an electric guitar being played with a violin bow. The very talented Igor Haefeli pulled this off effortlessly on stage and it looks and sounds just as amazing and mind blowing as it’s described. Definitely one of the most memorable moments of the entire night.

It has to be said that there seemed to be a lack of audience interaction and engagement. As ludicrous as it may sound, this could be seen as a positive. No one goes to a gig to engage in small talk with an artist; this didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirit because when someone shouts out, “I love you more than my own daughter,” you’re certainly doing more than enough to keep the audience happy.

Ending the night with their rendition of a mash up of Bon Iver’s Perth and Hot Chip’s Ready For the Floor, was entering into dangerous territory. Covers are hard to find convincing; it requires some skill and a whole lot of talent to pull one off in general. And it’s even harder to do this live in a room full of hundreds of people who have paid to watch you perform. However, this proved to be a beautiful end to the night. They had successfully put on an enthralling show and chose to end it with a showcase of originality and skill.

Simi Abidakun


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