Review: Bushstock

Willy Mason, September 2010

It had come to that time of year again where hundreds of music lovers braced the streets of Shepherd’s Bush to experience Bushstock. A day filled with remarkable music, beer and thankfully sunshine. Having begun in 2011, this year the one day festival run by Communion consisted of over thirty acts each playing a set that lasted 30-60 minutes across four venues.

Staying true to Communion tradition, Bushstock acts as an ideal platform for young artists; the line up is undeniably littered with a variety of new talent. With artists such as SIVU, Bears Den, Josh Weller and Willy Mason on the line up, picking an outright favourite seems ridiculous. Bushstock is great for stumbling across new talent and in the midst of trying to get from one show to another, it was a treat to discover two new absolute favourites in the form of George Ezra and Young War.

The breathtaking talent goes hand in hand with the amazing venues; with St Stephen’s Church being the most special of them all, it was no surprise that the church was beaming with life for every act that graced the stage; there was a moment of pin drop silence when Scott Matthews took to the stage and gave the most breathtaking performance of the day. If a single moment could be treasured from the entire festival it would be Matthew’s ethereal and tranquillizing set at St Stephens Church.

Prior to the event, there was a lot of buzz surrounding Bushstock and all too often, there lies the danger of events being oversold and not living up to expectation. I’m not alone in thinking that this was certainly not the case for Bushstock. It was a faultless event and appeared to have been pulled off with ease; there weren’t any outrageous clashes and there was an adequate amount of time left between shows.  Bushstock is how music should be ideally experienced, a live showcase of spectacular and unpretentious talent.

Simi Abidakun


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