Review: Benjamin Francis Leftwich – In The Open


As his UK tour has drawn to a close, Benjamin Francis Leftwich is releasing his new EP, In The Open.  This latest offering doesn’t stray far from Leftwich’s sound, with just enough effects on the vocals to draw on the fragile and ethereal qualities of his voice and subtle arrangements to give the music a delicate quality.

Whilst it might be easy to criticize the decision to maintain the same sound as Leftwich’s earlier releases, it is this sound that differentiates him from other artists of his genre. The arrangement of  Break The Day Open in particular is extremely effective in its subtlety, with the glockenspiel and vocal harmonies adding just enough colour to the track without distracting from Leftwich’s lyrics.

With Manchester Snow in particular bordering on being a touch too laid-back, the EP is certainly a slow-burner, but each listen seems to reveal a new layer to the music and a clearer understanding of the sound and mood Leftwich is trying to evoke.

Whilst new listeners may need a little patience, Leftwich’s fans should find it easy to love this EP.

Lizzi Michael