Review: Ben Howard – Burgh Island



Esmeralda begins the Burgh Island EP with a much darker tone than the Mercury Prize nominated Every Kingdom album. The vast contrast is not only heard in the music, but also on the cover artwork. Whereas Every Kingdom, used bright colour the Burgh Island EP is a monochromatic reveal of the feeling the music within contains.

Burgh Island is almost menacing at times – its depth and darkness not something that was visited on Ben Howard’s full length release in 2011. However, this EP draws you in even closer, and grabs you from within. Each song envelops you, and brings you along to the remote studio where this EP was recorded. For all of his 25 years, Ben Howard eludes feelings of a lifetime in just four tracks. This EP shows his diverse songwriting skills, and sits at one of my top releases of the year.

Victoria Sanders


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