Review: Adrian Roye And The Exiles – Reclaimed




From word go,  the first track on the debut album from Adrian Roye and the Exiles has a sense of comfortable familiarity – the mandolin and vocal melody evokes memories of  Grieg’s Morning and draws the listener in with a sense of summer and warmth.  Adrian’s voice blends perfectly with the cello and is so smooth and crystal clear that you can’t help but hang onto his every word – and with lyrics such as “You said a word / and so I threw a pebble / and so you threw a stone / and so on” are just perfectly balanced between being poetic and relatable, it’s hard to take your focus off the music.

Each track creates it’s own soundscape – and the band use their instruments and harmonies to the absolute maximum.  Warning Shot seems to focus on vocal harmony and the most brilliantly catchy hooks, contrasted by The Calling which begins with a duet between Adrian and cellist Simon Lewis.

This is a quiet album – each song is beautifully arranged with incredible detail. Even fuller tracks such as Seven Hours have their rises and falls, with every little detail of the mix coming through, contrasted by the stunning, rich vocal harmonies on the hook.

It’s rare that I can find an album that I can’t fault, but Reclaimed is one of those few absolutely flawless albums. I’ve seen them live before, but having heard the album, I can’t wait to see them again.

Lizzi Michael