Playlist: Stornoway


Stornoway are bloody good, aren’t they…
And we bet they could put together a damn fine playlist if they wanted to…

 But oh my! Would you Adam and Eve it!
They’ve only gone and done just that!

Yes, Stornoway’s Jon Ouin has been working away,
putting all his sweat and blood into this mighty fine mixtape, for your listening pleasure

Grab a brew and wrap your ears around this…
(tracklisting below)

0.00: The sea…

0.10: Richard James – ‘Headlong’  w/ birdsong recording (Songthrush)

2.49: Bert Jansch – ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’

4.20: Stornoway – ‘The Bigger Picture’ [extract]

5.37: Jackson C. Frank – ‘Kimbie’

8.44: Waterboys – ‘Fisherman’s Blues’

12.51: Johnny Clegg and Juluka – ‘Gijim’beke’

 15.40: Guillemots – ‘Trains to Brazil’

 19.27: Tom Waits – ‘Shore Leave’

22.34: John Adams – ‘Shaker Loops’: 1. ‘Shaking and Trembling’

 23.54: Stornoway – ‘(A Belated) Invite to Eternity’ [excerpt]

 26.01: Sombach Suite No. 1 Allemande, performed by Thomas Bloch

 28.40: Teenage Fanclub – ‘Ain’t That Enough’

 32.18: Maddy Prior and Tim Hart – ‘False Knight on the Road’

 35.16: Laraaji – ‘Day of Radiance’

Samuel Taylor Coleridge ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ [extract], read by Richard Burton

 38.19: Primal Scream – ‘Kowalski’

 40.12: Kemal Tanriverdi – ‘Kasik Havasi’

 41.42: The Smiths – ‘I Won’t Share You’

 44.26: Roy Orbison – ‘In Dreams’

 47.16: Van Morrison – ‘And It Stoned Me’

 51.46: Orchestra Baobab – ‘Pape Ndiaye’

 55.22: Of Montreal – ‘Erroneouse Escape into Eric Eckles’

 58.04: The Congos – ‘Congoman’

 59.40: Brian Eno – ‘The Big Ship’

 61.01: The sea…


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