News: The Low Anthem Return


The Low Anthem are set to return!

Back in Summer 2011, the band from Rhode Island announced that they were set to take a break,
but this week have revealed that the are back, with a few changes, via the below email to fans…

“A new work is underway! We are recording a surrealist folk-noir schemescape fairytale of kidnapping and housefire, mothered by moths, curling from apothecary bottles of cut diamond to emerge: a museic installation mixing poetry, narrative, and psychedelic light.”

“We’ve been taking sound-gathering trips to zoos, beaches, skateparks. We’ve been out to California with our butterfly nets. We’ve been shading ourselves to sleep under a starshine of semitones and scouring every tonal corner of the great theatre. All to gather its rich ingredients. We don’t know yet how it’s coming out, this bouncing body of a recording. But, as we reach summer solstice, we’ve been planning our sacrifices to the gods, prepping and scheming. A horde of umpaloompas waits eagerly in the boiler basement.”

“We bid farewell to our friend, and musical cohort Jocie Adams, who has started a new solo project called Arc Iris which is awesome. Check it out! She has made beautiful new recordings with lots of friends and love. Our warmest wishes go toward her muse and where it leads her.”

“As you may know, we have spent the last year residing in the Columbus Theatre, a derelict operahouse, turned pornhouse, turned achingly beautiful crumbling, forgotten mess on Providence’s west end. It started out as a haunted playground of a place to set up our recording equipment for a new body of work, and soon became that and more.”

“With the help of our friends Bryan Minto, Tom Weyman and Lauren Faria we formed the Columbus Co-op and began the irresistible task of re-opening this dinosaur landmark. A year later, thanks to the outpouring of community spirit and hard work of many volunteers this idea has become a surreality. The theatre meets is on its feet again bringing loads of shows and films to Providence.”

So there we go! Keep an eye out for further details on the new album…


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