News: Global Music Release Day Is Friday!


As a song probably goes, let’s bring the world together!

And today it has been announced, musically at least, that we will be coming together,
as the IFPI (International Federation of the Phonographic Industry)
have revealed that Friday will be global music release day

Confused? More details through their official statement, below…

‘Following consultation with artists, musicians unions, record companies and retailers, it was confirmed today that the release day for new music will be aligned internationally on a Friday.

Release days currently vary from one country to another, causing frustration for consumers when music fans in other parts of the world can access new releases before them. As well as helping music fans, the move will benefit artists who want to harness social media to promote their new music. It also creates the opportunity to re-ignite excitement and a sense of occasion around the release of new music.

The move to an aligned global release day will also reduce the risk of piracy by narrowing the gap between release days in different countries.’

So, from Summer 2015, new albums and singles will be released at 00:01 local time on Fridays!
Music consumers everywhere will know to look for new releases on Fridays,
regardless of where they are…

Let us know your thoughts on today’s announcements!


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