News: Joseph & David become Dancing Years

As you may remember, back in December we did a little excited wee when we first heard the Rise Up The Sun EP from Leeds-based duo Joseph & David…it was undoubtedly one of our favourite records of 2011 and we were/still are, pretty geared up for their next release

However, despite the strength and quality of their first effort, there was always something a little annoying, nagging away at us everytime they were mentioned….and it seems the same was happening to the boys themselves as well – the name.

Though Joseph & David is brilliantly simple and a ‘Ronseal – Does Exactly What It Says On The Tin’ kind of thing, it does sound a little aged and what two old blokes from the local pub would call themselves on karaoke night (if only it was Joe & Dave!)

And so, taking into account that their band is often stretched well beyond the duo to an 8-piece on many occasions, Joe & Dave have come to the decision to rename themselves…a drum-roll and a red-carpet please, for Dancing Years

Here’s what the guys had to say about the change….

‘Joseph & David’ is the name we chose to put out our first EP ‘So Short of Time’. We are so happy with the amount of fun and success we’ve had over the past two years since that release. After performing as a full band for over a year, we have decided to take on a new name, one we feel represents all the people that are now involved. This marks the start of our journey as Dancing Years. The musical direction remains the same, as does the band you have come to know live and on record. Thank you for your support so far, it has been incredible. We hope you continue to watch and listen to our music, and keep sharing in the whole experience. It would be no fun without you!



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