New Video: Meg Baird

Below is the new video from Meg Baird
The Finder is taken from her sweet 2011 album, Seasons On Earth

About the video:
Naomi Yang (Damon & Naomi, Galaxie 500) and Meg Baird team up for Naomi’s gorgeously shot PSA on how to stay safe while enjoying the outdoors in an archetypal New England autumn. With thanks to Boston-based artist Andrew Witken for the settings.
The New Hampshire Fish and Game Department advises “Hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts — make blaze orange your fashion statement when you head afield this fall. Wearing a fluorescent orange hat, vest or jacket makes you highly visible in the woods.
‘Wearing hunter orange has definitely been shown to decrease hunting incidents across the country,” said Tom Flynn, Manager of the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department’s Owl Brook Hunter Education Center in Holderness. “It is important for hunters, because the overwhelming majority of hunting-related incidents involve members of hunting parties'”
So there you go!


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