New Video: Caitlin Rose


Here is the brand new video from the sublime Caitlin Rose

This is Only A Clown, taken from her magnificent second album The Stand-In

Only A Clown was one of the two tracks written with Gary Louis of The Jayhawks. “Gary and I got on like bandits…” Caitlin says. “Collaboration is supposed to be fun, if it’s not you should just stick to writing by yourself. It often brings out the best in me, though.”
It’s hard not to agree, with Only a Clown an epic, sky-blue horizon, wind-in-your-hair song that sounds fifty feet tall but is somehow contained within three-and-a-half minutes. Rose’s vocals are as stunning as ever, uplifting yet tinged with melancholy as she laments; ‘Nobody says goodbye to a clown / They only laugh when he’s gone’


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