New Video: Benjamin Booker – Slow Coming / Wicked Waters


Taken from his glorious 2014 self-titled debut record,
Benjamin Booker has brought together two tracks to create one hell of a video

Directed by James Lee, the 8 minute-strong film takes in some very realistic and hard-hitting themes  during the current tensions in America, surrounding Ferguson. It aims to highlight the fact that racial storms continue to rise throughout the country, and when taking a step back,
very little seems to have improved throughout the years

Booker tells NPR

“We’ve all got iPhones and are talking about taking people to Mars, but look at how much we haven’t changed. The ‘future,’ a time when all this violence and hatred is looked at as barbaric
seemed so far away to me”

Combining Slow Coming and Wicked Waters, this is The Future Is Slow Coming

Catch Benjamin Booker at Latitude Festival on 16th-19th July


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