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Drug-Drug Interactions
The potential interactions of doxycycline with other drugs are limited to what the FDA specifically orders in the package. However, it is safe to say that doxycycline will cross the blood-brain barrier, either directly or via the GI mucosa. Doxycycline also passes from the body through the gut, into the respiratory tract of the airway (it crosses the bronchial tubes, which the kidneys pass the drug through as well), and into the heart (which has an almost zero body weight impact).
If you are concerned about Doxycycline being absorbed through a porous skin, your best approach would be to wear shoes or other footwear that blocks out most of the sun’s ultraviolet light. It is also worth noting that even when worn in these conditions, the potential for absorption will be extremely low given that, according to the FDA, Doxycycline is only toxic in low doses in high-dose oral doses that have been prescribed. This is not to say that you can’t tolerate Doxycycline, the FDA recommends dosing for 6 months for most patients on a case-by-case basis, However, this would represent a very low frequency of application due to the amount of time between applications. So, if you want to avoid potentially harmful drug interactions, you might need to wait for months for these applications to stop.
Since doxophine does not cross the blood-brain barrier, there are no side effects to Doxycycline, even if you are taking other medications such as Tylenol, other cold compresses, or antibiotics. The drugs in which the FDA has indicated that doxycycline could possibly pass into, or cross the brain-oral barrier include:
* Tylenol *
* Antipsychotics *
* Other antidepressants (such as fluoxetine)
* Other benzodiazepines (e.g. Valium)
* Antidrugs, such as Clonidine
* Fluoxetine *
These side effects are expected within a few days if doxophine has been given for more than two weeks. It is important to note that doxycycline is not listed as a drug with an ADAS-V code.
Some products sold as Doxycycline include:
• Zalox® brand: Sold in the following generic brand names, including: Zalman® Brand KZ-100 Brand KZ-100-L
• Zalman® brand KZ-200 brand KZ-300 Brand KZ-250.
• Zalman® Brand KZ-100 product KZ-100-R Brand KZ-300 Brand KZ-300-R
• Zalman® Brand KZ-300 product KZ-200 for acne, dermatitis, cellulitis, pimples, burns, and other skin conditions.
Vitamin K is essential for proper function of our body, and we require it in amounts too low to maintain adequate levels. It is a substance that helps the body retain its water-carrying properties. Some of the health problems people experience are: Low potassium levels, low magnesium levels, and low levels of Vitamin K.
Lack of Vitamin K results in blood clots, which block blood vessels and cause dangerous internal bleeding, heart attacks & strokes. It also can impair the thyroid and lead to low magnesium levels.
There is another form of Vitamin K that is called vitamin C. Vitamin C also aids blood clotting and healthy bones. However, it must be extracted from an appropriate source, and cannot be taken at a rapid rate. If you do not have Vitamin K, some Vitamin C products are recommended for your skin only. These products are often a less efficient replacement for the Vitamin K derived form of Vitamin C.


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