New Release: Wallis Bird – Salve

Wallis Bird releases ‘Salve’ – another new track from the upcoming album, Woman, out later this year on 27 September

‘Salve’ is a raucous nod to Wallis Bird’s soulful heritage and musical upbringing. “My dad was a big soul and rock man. I’ve been floating soul vibes my whole life. The last three years have seen so many influential soulful artists die, and during concerts I’d cover Aretha Franklin, Prince, George Michael and Leonard Cohen. They just lit a flame inside me and the audience. As soon as I played deep, old soul, people really reacted and proper got down, so I followed that lead and wrote a lot that way”

Using this medium, Bird brings us her second single ‘Salve’. Kicking off with a Prince-inspired jam, ‘Salve’ warns us about social media’s more poisonous effects. Although now practising social media abandonment, ‘Salve’ sees Bird’s liberation from a comatose, phone-scrolling state, something we have all experienced

Listen below…

‘Salve’ is taken from Bird’s upcoming sixth album – Woman, an emotionally raw album, a daring synthesis of Bird’s songwriter roots and passion for, among other genres, soul, it’s eleven songs long but 37 minutes short: pointed, powerful, and packed with truths and levity. Written and almost exclusively performed by Bird, with regular associate Marcus Wüst as co-producer – Woman is Bird’s transparent attempt to speak out against injustice and counteract apathy through bold, blunt confessionals. “Like most artists, I’ve probably shirked my responsibilities at times so as not to rock any boats,” she confesses. “But I decided it was time to change that”

This time round, Bird knows there’s more at stake. At Woman’s heart lies the concurrent urge to tackle injustice and celebrate the good in human nature, themes demanding immediate attention. “I want more empathy in the world around me,” she concludes, “so I’ve started by writing it into my life. I want to fill rooms with these words. I want to hear these sentiments uttered out loud, and for people to get used to hearing themselves say them. Ultimately, I want these words written into their lives”

And thus, an age-old proverb is once again validated: no matter how hard they try, you cannot keep a good Woman down

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